Thursday, 27 December 2007

Happy Christmas

Well I got lots of lovely stuff for Christmas including some gorgeous pressies from Sarah (of AngelTots fame) in my stocking so Thank You very much :). They included chocolates (all gone now) a fantastic smelling soap, a beautifull beaded box and a lush bath bomb. The bath bomb smells gorgeous so I haven't put it away yet it is just sitting at the side of me so I can smell it.

Well I hope your Christmas days were better than mine. LOL. DH sulked like a baby for the whole day cos he didn't like his presents. He has apologised now and I have forgiven him (mostly) though I think I may need some retail therapy to recover from it, after all I never got those Harmony DPN's I had on my list. ;)

On happier notes I have started and finished a scarf for DH. It only took about 4 days (a bit here and there) which is some kind of record for me for a finished item!!!!! He seems happy enough with it so it's been a succesfull project and it was nice to do something simple after knitting nothing but socks for a while.

I have also started WoolyWormheads Tri Peak Hat in the gorgeous handspun that Babylonglegs did for me. Unfortunatly we are still on the kids PC so no pics of anything at the moment though I have been taking them so they will get done once we have our new laptop. The yarn is gorgeous and has withstood my having to frog 4 inches of it very well indeed. I started off with 72 stiches but it came up too big for DS1 so I had to start again. And then I got into a total pickle joining my round and twisted it (somehow, I've no idea how I did it) the first 3 times. Still on the fourth time I got it right and we are off and away now. 3 inches to go and then I need to get myself a crochet hook to do the top.

I got sock yarn for Christmas so I now have enough for 6 pairs! I am itching to get cast on so I will probably do so today.

DH has a couple of interviews in the New Year. One for a GTP place and one for an LSA job which if he gets it will pretty much see us through till he starts the GTP. Fingers crossed please. Both mentally and financialy I need him to get a job soon!

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy

I've had a very busy couple of weeks so I haven't managed to get online much. Plus in the last couple of days the grown ups laptop has died. I am staying very calm about it so far considering that all of the last 2 years photos are on there and someone (no names of course) hasn't been backing them up on disc. My computer whizz mate reckons that we should be able to salvage the contents of the hard disc even though the laptop itself is probably history. Hey Ho. I am sure I will get used to this very sloooooooow machine in time.

In consolation at having to use this one (when I finaly got on it this afternoon) I went shopping. LOL. Some nice new circulars and some more DPNs are soon to be winging their way to me.

In my blogging absence I have mainly been Christmas shopping (mostly done now) and Christmas knitting (well on the way to being mostly done ;) if you see what I mean) and just being out and about too.

The Tots group I go to had a Christmas meal out for the mums last Friday which was fab. I skived out of work early and went straight there and we had a fab time. There are photos, which I haven't seen yet, however they are of the traditional time so are very unlikely to make it to my blog.

Yesterday I went visiting and had a wonderfully relaxing day with Sarah and Sasha. Sarah's new house is fab and feels just a comfortable and "Sarah like" as the old one did. We sat and chatted and I learned a new knitting technique generally had a great time. We are having another get together next week at Lottie's which I am hugely looking forward to as well.

Once DH gets a day job I will be able to have everyone over to mine which will be good and somehow not something I have managed yet.

We put the Christmas decorations up at the weekend so the front room is very festive now.

And DD's new bedroom is very nearly done now. DH has worked incredibly hard on it. The new carpet went in yesterday and the bed arrived and was built today and now there are just a few bits and bobs that need to be brought and put in and she will be moving in at the weekend.

Well I think that brings me up to date for now so I am off to do some more knitting and probably wake the snoring DH before he drives me nuts. Bless Him.