Monday, 23 June 2008

Enchanting Socks

Well my June pair are finished and ready to take to Woolfest with me at the weekend and here they are
Enchanting Socks 5

I am really pleased with them. The pattern is Charade by Sandra Park and I've really enjoyed knitting them. Only my second pair in a pattern.

The yard is Enchanted dyed by Mamalonglegs (Babylonglegs on Rav), it has been beautiful to work with and I love the ways the colours have worked out.

I also have to admit how proud I am of myself for managing 1 pair of socks a month for 6 months. I have also had great fun doing it. I somehow though still have loads of sock yarn to work through and I suspect that there will be even more by this time next week ;)

I am so looking forward to Woolfest. But suddenly it is 4 days till we leave and I have nothing packed and loads of stuff still get done round home. Plus it is DS1's playgroup trip tomorrow so I will loose a whole day to that. Time to get organised I think. I shall start with a proper shopping list this afternoon and then some clothes packing on Wednesday.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

This week with Miffy

has been very nice really. No huge drama's or stresses for a change.

We went to Sarah's for the day which was fantastic, she is such a lovely host helped along by gorgeous food and of course even more gorgeous yarn. In fact I can't say enough how much I love this yarn. I keep getting it out for a squidge and a look. I am trying to get at least my Enchanted Socks finished before Woolfest so I'm having to be very good about not starting the new yarn yet.
My Yarn up close
This beautiful yarn is destined to become this

I'm doing the Sideways Hat KAL on Ravelry or at least the first month anyway. I somehow ended up signed up for SAM6 too which will be good for my sock yarn stash but might limit the amount of other stuff I can do. Though baby socks really don't take long at all to knit up ;)

On Thursday I had to skip tots due to the chicken pox'd Bean but the blisters have finaly stopped coming through and he is pretty much scabbed over so with any luck we'll be back next week.

On Friday a friend from tots came round for coffee which was a lovely. She brought her little girl along and she and Bean played really nicely.

Saturday was hair cut (bit of a new look there) and lunch in town with DD. I really love my hair cut and coffee in town with DD days. Spent way too much money though as ever.

Do you like my ticker?

I don't have a ticker anywhere else these days but I just couldn't resist this one for Woolfest. Saves my brain from having to count how many days there are to go too.

Just need to finish my shopping list now and sort some stuff out to pack. I know there is a camping chair somewhere in that garage...................

............hmmmm. Wish me luck everyone ;)

Friday, 13 June 2008

I just....

............came accross this on Ravelry and thought I would share

Don't Let It Unravel

assuming my link works of course.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Luna Bean

Just a quick post today to share this pic of The Bean.

He raided DS1's dressing up box and brought me this top to put on him. He was so pleased with himself :)
Luna Bean

Unfortunatly he doesn't look quite so pretty now as he has Chicken Pox! Still that's it for all the kids now with luck and at least its over before Woolfest, and before he starts playgroup and school etc.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Normal Service Resuming???

Well by the end of the week it was anyway.

Monday saw DH go off with 30 Year 3 kids from DD's school to Beaumanor Hall for a 3 day (2 night) residential. He had a fab time, couldn't stop talking about it when he got home. I had two nights off work to stay home and play Mum which I really enjoyed though I missed DH like crazy once the kids had gone to bed and all the work was done. Still it did make for some uninterrupted knitting time.

DS1 went back to playgroup on Monday too, he was all scabbed over by then and now most of the scabs are dropping off. No sign of Bean getting it yet though. **shrug**

Wednesday saw DH home and me back to work and so normal service in the Miffy household is resuming after the excitement of the car and me being off work with my neck and half term and all the other bits and pieces that have been going on.

Friday morning I managed to get round to say Hi to Lottie, I haven't seen her for ages, weekends have been really busy for us lately and of course she is working during the week and half term was a total wash out from my end.

And now I have Woolfest to look forward to. I am mentally planning my shopping list (which I will get down on paper before I go) and my packing list, I've started getting a few bits together too. Can you tell I'm excited.

Knitting wise I am making good progress with my June Socks. I just love the way Sarah's yarn is knitting up. The yarn is lovely to knit with and the colours are fabulous. :)
Enchanting Socks 3

In a moment of madness I signed up for SAM6 this morning, I wasn't going to but then I decided that if I was short of knitting time I could always resort to baby socks, the May pair I did were really quick to knit up and besides I'm finding that I get quite a decent speed on now with my sock knitting.

However it is hat knitting that will be a priority for July. Sarah is doing me some yarn and hopefully it will be perfect for this which I am going to knit up as part of the Sideways Hat KAL on Rav which WoollyWormhead has set up. I'm really looking forward to it. Can't wait to see my yarn.