Monday, 30 November 2009

WoollyWormhead KAL

I actaully managed to do the WoollyWormhead KAL with everybody else this year for which I am very impressed with myself. ;)

The hat patterns are gorgeous and I had great fun knitting them.

This is my Everglade knit in some gorgeous Babylonglegs yarn, the colourway is Toffee Apple.
KAL Pattern A - 3KAL Pattern A - 2

And this is my Mayrose, I'm not telling what I knit it in though. LOL
KAL Pattern B - 3KAL Pattern B - 2

Baby Knitting

Some very good friend of ours have recently had their first child, a beautiful baby girl and so, of course, I've been able to indulge in some baby knitting. It's great fun.

Here are the results so far.

Knitcol Set
The pattern is Felix's Cardigan and there are socks to go with it.

Goblin Set
And this set done in Babylonglegs Goblin yarn is a Baby Yoda jacket, and Elfin hat by WoollyWormhead and of course some socks.

There is a BSJ on the needles but as this is in a bigger size I've let some of my ther projects take priority for a little while.

Growing Up

Well somehow it has been ages again since I last posted despite my good intentions. I'm blaming it on the chaos that is Birthday/Christmas season. All three kids have now had their Birthdays, there would be pictures but I've failed miserably to get DH to upload them off his camera phone. Obviously I've now given up.

I can't believe how big they are all getting. Bean is well settled at playgroup now and DS1 is really getting to grips with school this year. DD has just got back from her first Brownie Pack Holiday. She had a fantastic time and apparantly didn't miss us at all! I'm not sure how flattering that is but I am so very proud of her. I'm not so keen on the fact that I've another 5 badges to sew on her sash though!

Next up of course is Solstice and then hot on its heels Christmas. Hmmm maybe I should start wrapping some of the stuff I've already brought.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Summer Knitting

Well it seems that it is an age since I posted any finished objects. Mainly because when I've had the chance to sit I've tended to knit rather than make the effort to blog. Anyway here is an update of my summer knitting.
Finished Shawl
This is the shawl I made for DH's mentor. It's not a great picture I really should have made the effort to get one of it being worn.
Shawl Edge Detail
Shawl Detail
Here is a bit of detail though.
Soap Bags Finished
I made little soap in a bag gifts for the kids teachers.
Circle Socks
Circle Socks Detail
These are my circle socks, again in Fyberspates yarn.
Sparkle Socks
Sparkle socks made is Fyberspates sparkle yarn. These are boot socks so the sparkle will cheer me up on dull Febuary mornings when I'm off on the school run.
Infinity Bag Felted.
Still with Fyberspates yarn, I brought five balls at Woolfest to make the Infinity Bag and over the summer it finally got done. I'm really very pleased with it, it is huge and will hold my chunky blanket project nicely when I finally get it cast on.
Bumpy Bananas
Bumpy Bananas Detail 2
Back to Babylonglegs yarn here are my Bumpy Bananas. Boot socks again for the winter I am really pleased with them, in part cos I pretty much put the pattern together myself.
Baby Bananas 1
And I love the Blue Banana yarn so much that I did these baby socks in it for a striped KAL on one of the Rav groups I'm a member of.
Baktus Beads
And here is my Baktus, the yarn was dyed by Babylonglegs for my birthday and there is a matching skien for me to make a hat from so I will have a matching set in the winter, very smart.

I think that about covers it, there are a few other bits but they havn't been photo'd yet and as they are presents for someone I will keep them secret for a bit longer.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Back in Blogland!

I seem to have had a summer off blogging which although not entirely planned hasn't been a bad thing. We just spent loads of time together as a family just hanging out. After all the hard work of last year, DH's teacher training, DS1's first year at school and my running the home more or less single handedly for a lot of the time it was good to just crash out and not do much of anything.

We had some really good days out including a trip to Drayton Manor including Thomasland. There are loads of pictures here if you fancy a peek. Far too many to put on the blog. Given the weather we've had over the summer we did really well with our day out. Mind the heavens opened just as we left and by the time we had crossed the disabled cark park we were all literaly soaked to the skin. Our clothes were dripping!

DD did an art course at the local gallery which she really enjoyed, I had a good time too as I waited for her in the cafe and sat knitting and drinking coffee in peace for a couple of hours each morning.

DS1 did another football course (he does them at just about every holiday), this one was for a full week 9:00 till 3:15 every morning and he was shattered by the end of the week. He had loads of fun as ever and made his Mama proud by getting a medal for his brilliant attitude, trying hard and helping out.

We also had a week away staying in Maltb-le-Marsh as the same farm we stayed on last year. This year we had the most gorgeous cottage for the week and as the site is so nice we spent quite a bit of time just chilling out and not doing much at all. We had long walks on the beaches and a couple of trips out. Again too many photos for here (in other words I couldn't decide which ones to post) so they are here if you want to look see.

Our other highlight of the holiday has to be of course the arrival of DH's teaching certificate. He is now officially a Newly Qualified Teacher. He has a year 2 class in one of the local towns and is doing really well.

I have of course done loads of knitting over the summer so I will hopefully be back soon with pics of the finished objects.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Butterfly Farm and Stratford

Our annual visit to Stratford has become rather a tradition in the Miffy Household. We start off the day with a visit to the Butterfly Farm where DH and I take loads of photo's of butterflys. As you can see.

After the farm we go into the centre of Stratford via the Foot Ferry
Foot Ferry
On the Foot Ferry
for lunch and a wander round the shops before my pilgrimage to Lush to stock up on smelly's.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Gorgeous Girl!

Gorgeous Girl!
Originally uploaded by Miffy's Knitting

My Gorgeous Girl got the Star Of The Year award at school on the last day of term. It's given for consistent effort, good behaviour etc. I am one very proud Mama :)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

End of an Era

Well my last baby is a baby no longer.

Bean had his last feed on the Friday morning we left for Woolfest and that was that, he didn't ask again when I got home.

So there we are, the end of an era.

This pic is of DS1 as I don't have a nice one of Bean.
DS1 4 jul 05 edit

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Woolfest Stash

And here is my stash, I was quite restrained this year but am looking forward to getting some of the projects I've brought for cast on.

Firstly my Kindred Knitters bag stuffed full of my goodies, there is a vest top too but that's in the wash already.
Kindred Knitters Bag
next is my Fyberspates Sparkle in Blackberry (more bootsocks on the way), the colour likeness is better on the first photo but you can see the sparkle on the second.
Fyberspates Sparkle Blackberry
Fyberspates Sparkle Blackberry
I also got some Fyberspates BFL from the bargain basket which is destined to become a bag of one sort or another.
Fyberspates BFL
Then there is sock yarn from Ripples in the SAM colourway. I'd got Dropone to put this aside for me so I could have a look at it as Woolfest and it is just as gorgeous in real life as in it's picture so I had to get it.
Ripples SAM
Ripples SAM Detail
I also got some Fortissima 6ply for bootsocks, should be a nice quick TV knitting pair as the yarn will look fab in plain stocking stitch.
Fortissima Socka Color
Finally there is some Schoppel Wolle Zauberball, this is worth getting just for the way it is balled up! However I love the colour changes it gives too.
Schoppel Zauberball
Do you think my sock addiction shows? ;)


Well I made it there! There were a few points when we thought that it was't going to happen including a last minute scare last week but DH got everything sorted and after dropping the kids at school and Bean off with the wonderful "Glow" I packed the car and headed over to Sarah's to pick her up.
We stopped off on route at the "Mushroom" services.
Sarah and the Mushroom
Looks impressive but the coffee was terrible so we won't be going back next year.

Then it was onto Woolfest itself. It was of course fantastic and it was brilliant to see so many people from last year and to see all that yarn and yarny stuff. I'll do the list of stash seperately or this will be a ridiculously long post.
Once at the site Lottie put the tent up with just a little help and then finished getting herself ready ;)
Lottie getting ready
Then we sat down to chill out and chat, one of the best things about camping is that we can sit with lots of friends. It was a fab evening and just for Lottie - your tree ;)
Lotties Tree
Next morning it was back to Woolfest where we looked a sheep
Horny Sheep
and generaly relaxed and shopped. I brought more sock yarn and also some BFL for making a bag and some lace weight in a knot for DH so untangle cos he reckons that he likes doing that. And of course I got to see lots of people and chat.
Lottie tried out a couple of spinning wheels
Lottie Spinning
Once we were shopped and chatted out we went back to the campsite. Then Sarah, Lottie, Nic and I went out for a meal (and very nice it was too) before settling down back at the campsite for more chatting.
Tonight Sarah was ready for the midges though
Sarah ready for the midges
Nic Knitting
And then Sunday morning it was sadly time to pack up and go home. It was nice to get back home though and I think I had been missed
Banner and DS1's Poster
Not only did I return to a Welcome Home banner and poster but there was also tea waiting for me
Welcome Home Tea
and a lovely cake made by DH with a little help from DD
Welcome Home Cake
Looking forward to next year now :) anyone know any good campsites?


One of DH's collegues this year turns out to be very good at Mehndi so I couldn't resist getting some done. Isn't it pretty?
My Henna
I will definatly be getting more.

Rally of the Midlands

Earlier this month Hinckley played host to the special stage of the Rally Of The Midlands. They ran the special stage last year at the councils car park but we couldn't go because of my working evenings. However this year as I am not working with booked Nannie to sit for DD and Bean and took DS1 down to watch some of the cars go through. We all had a fab time. It's a fairly small rally so lots of locals and and historic cars.
DS1 at the Rally
Rally Evening
Rallying Aston
I'm hoping that next year we can get to some of the other local stages too.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Interior Designer Anyone?

Bean spent a very happy and quiet hour working on my decor
Interior Design 2
Interior Design 1
Meet The Designer
By the time he had finished there were lolly sticks everywhere! But it did make him very happy.

Flash Floods and Hail

When I came back from my Mum's on Monday afternoon I caught in the most horrid storm or so I though till I got into Burbage and discovered that I had in fact been lucky and had missed all the hail. It was inches deep on some drives, all the drains were backed up and in several places there was flooding right across the roads.
Flash Floods
Hail in June