Saturday, 16 January 2010

Petrol Presents

Now both these items have been gifted I can share photos, not that I took many. Both were knit for a very good friend of mine who was so happy to get knitted presents that she wasn't bothered at all that both her Christmas present and her birthday present were late. You really can't grumble about that kind of friend. Plus it gave me a brilliant excuse to buy more yarn :)

First up is Eslica a hat by WoollyWormhead. I even did the cable bits without the cable needle thanks for the tutorial that WW wrote. I was very pleased with it and it looked fab of J when she wore it to tots on Thursday. It was knit with Babylonglegs DK Merino.
Given that J's birthday follows Christmas by about two weeks I figured the perfect present would be a scarf to go with the hat. Back to Babylonglegs again and this time PetrolHead DK sock yarn, a new base for Sarah. Its gorgeous and softened beautifully as I knit it up. Given that yarn overs aren't my favourite thing the simple pattern kept my attention whilst still allowing me to watch TV, perfect!
J's Scarf 1
There has been plenty of other knitting going on but no photos yet. I was hoping to do some today but rain stops play so far, still at least apart from the remnants of Peter there isn't any snow/sludge/ice left so for once I'm not mad at it. Snow is very beautiful when it first arrives but it's no fun when it's been around for a week and is hard packed and slippy on the paths.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


I belive this says alot about my housekeeping skills. I was just reading the Dye Studio Diary and scrolled down to this post at which point Bean says "Mummy's kitchen" Well thanks for that, I didn't think I was that bad.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Meet Peter

So named by DS1.
Building PeterPeter all finished.
The kids really enjoyed the snow in the end even though it did get in the way of some family stuff when it first started which they weren't too pleased about. They built Peter all on their own and I was very proud of the way they worked together. They had a great time too.
Snow 1Snow 2
Whilst it has been very pretty the slush is making life with a pushchair hard work so I'll be glad to see the back of it now.