Monday, 26 November 2007

My Lovely Friends

Well I've had the first good weekend in ages. We took the kids swimming on Saturday morning. I was just going to take DD but DS1 caught me sorting the kit out so we all went and had a lovely time. In the afternoon after a couple of false starts I met up with Lottie for coffee and a chat. DH kept the kids so I was child free too. Fantastic some proper me time it was bliss.

Yesterday was DD's birthday. I can't believe she is 7 already. We stayed home for the whole day and did nothing which was just what she wanted. We are going to Twin Lakes and taking one of her friends with us next weekend as a birthday treat.

This morning I popped into town to do a bit more Christmas shopping. When I got back from the playgroup run I found that the postman had left me a parcel. The wonderful Sarah sent me these.

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Aren't they fab. I am so pleased and such a wonderful thought too. I am so lucky to have such good friends.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Getting Better

Well things are looking up a bit. I got a bit more organised this week and I feel better for it. And it was lovely this morning to log on here and find lots of messages from my friends. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again soon.

I've been having a few panic attacks and a total failure in being able to make proper decisions, even about what to eat on one occasion. I'd not been this bad for years so I knew I needed to get a grip.

DH and I had a proper talk and things are better there. He has applied for a proper job and we have agreed a plan of action regarding his work. He has done more round the house this week which helps too including some painting.

I took Bean swimming on Tuesday which he loved, he was bouncing up and down in his float and walking about in it in the shallows. DD's turn today. We are hoping to get her swiming (at least a bit) before we go to Centre Parcs in January.

My biggest concern now is that I will end up diving again next month, I suspect that my depression has been firmly attached to my cycle and has been a vicious attact of PMT as I feel fine now. If thats the cases then I am going to opt for treatment of some kind so there might be a trip to the docs coming up.

On the knitting side the first of Mums socks is finished and I am almost at the toe of the second one so have made better progress this week. Good job too as it is only a month to the big day!!!!

Monday, 19 November 2007

Tough few days

Well it has been a tough few days at home. My PMT has been raging so everyone has been suffering, DH especially.

I'm missing my friends at the moment too which I don't think is helping. I can't get any proper plans made for visiting with DH being at home. He is a little precious about how I spend my time at best and now he's home all the time it is a bit of a nightmare. Hopefully he will get a job soon and be out from under my feet for a while.

On the bright side I have decided to make a few changes around home including getting out a bit more and getting on top of the house work more too.

Of course I still need to make time for my knitting. I'm at the toe of mum's first sock and last night I finished my first decent face cloth. I need to do a few more of those and of course finish mums socks and do my sisters socks.

After Christmas I need to get some serious work done on DS1's jumper and then I have yarn for two pairs of socks for me and I fancy knitting myself a big chunky scarf too. I also have the yarn for fetchings and I want to do the fingerless gloves from Yarn Forward too so I need to go yarn shopping for those. Hmmmm I see a day out shopping coming up, wonder who I can pursaude to go with me?

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Last Night.....

..... DH and I toasted the first birthday of Baby J. I can't believe he is a year old already.

I got our best champagne glasses out (wedding present) and some Cava and we drank his health and had out own little celebration.

We were supposed to be having a party today for him but so much has gone on in the last couple of months that I ran out of time to organise it so after a somewhat half hearted effort by me at the last minute I admitted defeat and cancelled it.

I will try again next year, the other two have both had first birthday parties as a way of saying welcome to the world as I don't have them Christened but poor Jude will have to put up with a second birthday party instead.

We took lots of photos yesterday but they are on DH's camera so I will try and download them later.

Well If You Can't Beat Them Join Them

So I am starting a blog. Please don't all laugh at once.

I am finding that I don't really have enough time to keep up with bigger forums these days and the parenting forum I frequent (lurk more than post) has lost that special something it used to have and I can rarely be bothered to even log on anymore.

So I think that when I am not knitting and reading other peoples blogs I shall divide my time between here and Ravelry with the occasional lurk on the Angel Yarns forums