Sunday, 11 April 2010

It's That Time Again

Where I realise that it is almost forever since I last blogged and so I try to fit all my news in one post. I think somehow despite my good intentions I will never change.

Having had a rather wet Easter holiday the weather has finally picked up and so I am sat in our conservatory relishing the sunshine and chilling out before the term time madness starts again at 7.00 am tomorrow morning.

Being able to use the conservatory is still a new treat for us. For several years now it's been the toy room for the kids but now they are growing and stairs aren't an issue so much we spent a very busy day putting the bunk beds back together and sorting the boys room before moving toys upstairs. The result being that the chairs are now back in use as chairs rather than toy storage. It's a really lovely place now to sit and knit or spin or read of just chill.
Room to Spin

Of course there has been knitting and now spinning to show you so here are some pics.
These are my Wildflower Socks
Wildflower 3Wildflower 1
And some I did for the Gorgeous Girl, though I can't remember the pattern name now.
Socks for GG 3
And a hat I made for DH that has been kidnapped by the Gorgeous Girl.
Hat Thief
And a Medici for me from Woolly Wormheads latest book Twisted Woolly Toppers, well worth investing in there are several hats in here I intend to make. The Medici is mine but GG is modeling for me.
Medici 2
And some spinning, this is from a Glitterball brought from Babylonglegs, I really enjoyed spinning it and I'm hoping that there will be enough here for me to make a hat.
Glitterball 7Glitterball 5