Wednesday, 27 August 2008

That Calorie Thing 2

Here is my latest finished project another Calorimetry.
That Calorie Thing Again 2
I'm quite pleased with it overall, I did it a bit smaller this time and it is a better fit. This one is done in some of my Woolfest stash, Waterlilly from KraftyKoala.

The socks are still in progress but they are (touch wood) going quite well at the moment.


This year DH decided that we were going to grow some beetroot in the front bed, mainly cos he really likes the foliage and if we got some decent beetroot then that would be a bonus.

As well as beetroot the front bed also has carrots in and several tomato plants in. We didn't put the tomatoes in they have grown from seeds that were in the compost! There are also 2 or 3 of our "weird" plants - no idea what they are called in real life.

Anyway this weekend we got around to seeing how the beetroot have done and this is what we got.
Home Grown Beetroot
Not bad eh? Though I think we'll be planting lots more next year.

We knew none of the kids would want beetroot as a veg so we have pickled them. They need to stand for a few weeks yet but I am really looking forward to home grown and pickled beetroot.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Winding down a bit now.....

Following our seaside trip with have been taking it a bit easier this week mainly just pottering about at home and chillin out. DH has even been into work!

The kids have been playing on the Wii quite a bit and in the garden too. I'd say in spite of the rain but judging by Beans appearence he has thoroughly enjoyed having puddles to jump in!22 August 200821 August 2008

I took DD and DS1 to meet a friend for coffee in town on Thursday lunchtime. We managed to fit all seven of us round a table for 4 and had coffee and doughnuts. Lisa and I even managed to have a bit of a chat too! It was lovely to catch up with her. I normally see her at the tots group we go to each week so I've missed our chats over the holidays.

On Friday I took the boys up to Lotties for a chat. Again I somehow don't seem to have managed to see much of Lottie over the summer so it was nice to sit and knit and chat for a while. Then it was off to Tesco (DD came too) and then later I took the boys over to a friends so she and I could chat and the boys could play with their kitten.

Yesterday I took all the kids over to my mums, we met her new chickens and collected the World War II stuff she has for DD to use for school. Then in the evening DH and I went to Pizza Hut (cos we can't do that with the kids anymore) and then to the cinema! I think the last time I went to the cinema was to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!!!! I'm trying no to think about how long ago that was.

Of course this chilling time has allowed for lots of knitting too.20 August 2008

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.........

When I took DD swimming last Thursday I asked DH to have a look on the internet and see if he could find anywhere for us to stay overnight so we could take the kids to the beach. When we came out of her lesson I got a call saying he thought he had found the perfect place so I said go for it and by the time we had walked home our nights B&B was booked.

When we went to our Centre Parcs holiday in Jan the kids had been a bit disappointed that they wouldn't be going to the beach so I told them I would take them later in the year even if it was just for the day. Funnily enough they didn't forget and have been regularly asking when we were going all through the holidays so we though we had better get organised and take them.

We stayed on a working farm in a village near Mablethorpe. Having travelled over there Sunday morning we dropped our stuff off and headed for the beach with a picnic. We had a fab afternoon walking on the beach, collecting shells and building sandcastles.
The 3 Little MonstersWalking by the seaFamily Castle BuildingBean and Daddy

DS1 had a donkey ride too.DS1 and Flash!

And of course there was ice cream.Bean enjoying his ice cream

In the evening we went for a meal at the local pub which was lovely.

We liked the farm so much we are going back next year :)

Saturday, 16 August 2008


Despite my best intentions it has of course been ages since my last post so there will be a bit of a catch up here.

I've been lucky enough to get over to Babylonglegs a couple of time this month. The second was for a dyeing day with Lottie and Nik (another Rav member) which was brilliant fun. I have to admit to being quite proud of my yarn. I'm looking forward to knitting it up.
9 August 2008 12 August 2008
I've got a couple of finished items to show off firstly my August socks which are for Bean and have been done in some of my leftover Enchanted from Mamalonglegs.Enchanted Socks for Bean

The second is my Calorimetry which I am very pleased with. So please in fact that I am going to knit another and then I'll search for some different headband patterns. I do love Ravelry.My Calorie Headband Thing ;)

DH has received final confirmation of his place on the GTP course. Everything is sorted out and ready, just waiting for term to start now.

We've managed to get together with friends a couple of times in the last few days which has been good for me and the kids. J and I took all 6 kids over to Bosworth Park to play on the swings and slide etc and feed the ducks. Bean just loved the slide he went up all on his own over and over again. 7 August 2008
Then earlier this week we went with DD's best friend and her sister and mum to Sutton Cheney Wharf. We stopped for tea first cos of the rain and then went for a walk. We got fairly soggy but it was lovely to get out for a bit.13 August 2008

DD has just finished a swimming crash course. She did really well but I think she still needs some more lessons.

My last bit of catch up is to report my last night at work, unsuprisingly it was pretty much like anyother night but I did get some nice leaving presies. Hopefully now I'm one of the great unwaged I will have a bit more time to keep my blog up to date. You never know ;)

Saturday, 2 August 2008


This is our fourth year of trying to grow veg in one way or another. This year after two rather disapointing years we abandoned our veg plot. I think both me and DH felt a bit sad about it but we have had to be honest and accept that it just doesn't get enough sun early enough in the year to work well. We toyed with the idea of moving it but then the kids would loose alot of garden space and we didn't feel that was fair to them.

So we have set up lots of pots of stuff on the patio. The beans are doing well and so are the courgettes but we normally do fine with them anyway. However this year our carrotts have grown. For the first time ever we have grown decent carrots that I can cook, OK so we had them raw in salad today but still...

So here they are
We grew carrotts!Carrots!!!
Can you tell that I am rather proud of them?

My Little Egyptians.

I took the kids into town yesterday so they could play in the sand! Every year the council organise a series of days around the county where they set up some sand pits and other bits and pieces for the kids to play on. They also have an entertainer on hand and this year a belly dancer. The theme last year was pirates, the year before was dinosaurs and this year it way the Egyptians. We took a picnic met up with a friend, saw some other friends (Hi Lottie) by chance and generally had a nice relaxed morning.
Playing in the sandJust having a bit of rest Mama!
Today we all went over to the local park for the Worldfest music event and sat around for a bit listening to the bands. The great thing about where we live is that when the kids get bored and restless we can go home, open the windows or sit out in the garden and carry on listening to the bands. :)
Butterfly GirlMmmmm, Ice Cream