Friday, 30 May 2008

Welcome home Busie

Well busie (the car) arrived home yesterday afternoon looking unusually shiny and smelling of fresh car paint. I am so impressed with the speed of her return, she's be gone for less then a week. She was named and given her gender by DS1 in case you were wondering. Busie is off out again this morning for her MOT, wish us luck!
DH took the hire car (named Silver) back late afternoon causing much sadness to DS1 and DD who were both very upset to see it go. I was quite pleased to say goodbye though. It was too big for me, the seats are not an ideal layout for longer journeys as we wouldn't be able to fold the back ones down and use the packing space. And the electric sliding doors take too long to close. I am discovering just how impatient I really am. Maybe this is why I tend to only knit small easy projects. Instant gratification. ;)
So far the whole car insurance thing has been very easy and efficient which has been a relief. Just waiting now for a letter from the solicitors for the personal injury stuff. Not got back to work yet because of the pain. I did one night but by the end I was in agony so I am taking the rest of this week off and the first two days of next week and hopefully I'll be more comfortable by then. Even 5 minutes on the phone leaves me with spasms at the moment.
DD had a friend round for the day yesterday which was lovely she came mid morning and we took her home after 5:30! They had a fab time. On the way home we called into Halfords and chose replacement car seats, my aren't they expensive! Still not something I scrimp on and it was nice to be able to choose the safest looking seat (I did my Which research too) without worrying about how I was going to fund it.
So the whole incident is drawing to a close by the looks of it. I think the personal injury stuff will drag on for a while yet - as far as I can tell they don't decide how much they are giving you until you are better and that could be a few months yet.

On the Chicken Pox front DS1 seems to have been very lucky and has gotten away with a fairly mild dose. He's all scabbed over and doesn't seem to even be itchy (mind he is in a foul temper with it all so I know he's not 100%) so he'll be back at playgroup on Monday. Bean has a streaming nose at the moment and is generally a bit punk looking so I suspect he'll be next. Still at least then it will be out of the way and fingers crossed I won't have to deal with it again.

On the knitting front I have been doing some but holidays are never a great time for me to get alot done. DH needs far too much attention (LOL) and so I tend to find myself helping him or for this week at least just following him about giving moral support. Still he's away with the school on Monday and Tuesday so I'll have two evenings of uninterrupted knitting and my own choice of TV. I'm kind of looking forward to it :)

Saturday, 24 May 2008

The rules of the game get posted at the beginning. Each player answers the questions about themselves. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5-6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog.Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. Ten years ago - Erm nothing much really, 1998 doesn't stand out as a particularly exciting year would have been just working and decorating the house.

2. Five things on today's "to do" list (in no particular order) - I'm going to cheat a little here being as I'm at the end of my day. Jobs for today included helping DH cut down the hedge by the drive, buying oatmeal and calamine cream for DS1, washing up, hoovering and planting up my baskets and the planter by the front door.

3. Snacks I enjoy - So that will be chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. Oh and sometimes crisps and biscuits and cake (chocolate biscuits and chocolate cake obviously)

4. Things I would do if I was a millionaire - Employ someone to clean my house so I can spend more time knitting! Buy and do up a really big old cottage by the sea and then invite everyone to visit :) Plant up a huge garden with loads of nooks and crannies and paths and hidden bits.

5. Places I have lived - Leicester (twice), Lutterworth, South Wigston and Hinckley

And now for some people to tag

Wilma and Herbert (hope you don't mind :) )

and...well thats it I really don't know that many people to tag so 3 will have to do.

Well so far so good

Bussy (our car) was collected yesterday morning and has gone off to be assessed and then repaired. The woman at the garage did try to suggest that I took the car in but I pointed out that the insurance had said that they would collect and deliver. She disappeared for a moment and then came back and said fine when were we in ;)

Enterprise have been brilliant, they chased up the insurance to confirm our "like for like" car so we could have something of a decent size and then picked DH up yesterday evening so he could go fetch the replacement car. I could have gone earlier but opted not to with both the boys at home and a neck that still doesn't turn quite right.

So now we have one of these sitting on the drive - an automatic too!!! It is huge, absolutly enormous. Its going to be like driving a small house. Nice though. It is an 08 plate and an executive model - probably the poshest car I will ever drive, assuming I never win the lottery. It has all the mod cons as well, sat nav, dvd player, parking sensors.

Thankfully come Tuesday morning they will probably get some nice ordinary Zafira's back from hire so I can change to something more managable. Amazing as the Voyager is I can't see how I am going to be able to park it anywhere we go, though the sliding back doors will help. ;)

My neck is still sore, not helped by having to collect DD from school early cos of her "poorly tummy" Bless Her, I wasn't best pleased by her timing as I'd just got myself a mug of coffee having putting Bean down for a sleep. Still it was lovely to see her and DS1 playing the Bill and Ben game on the computer.

And speaking of DS1..........He has chicken pox - finaly. It doesn't seem to be a bad case and with any luck he'll be all scabbed over before he needs to go back to playgroup after half term. Just waiting for Bean to get it now.

Thursday, 22 May 2008

What is it about Wednesdays?

Do they not like me or something?

Having spent most of last Wednesday afternoon in A&E with DS1 I got to go again yesterday, this time for me.

It goes like this................

After not being able to take the boys to Grandma's last week cos of DS1's foot I planned to take them yesterday. So there we all were waiting at the traffic lights just before Blaby when there was a loud bang and we are all rattling around in the car! Although I was waiting for the car in front of me to pull of the lady behind me didn't wait for me.

We have been very lucky, aside from some rather uncomfortable whiplash for me (hence my visit to A&E) no one was injured. I had my handbreak on still and the car behind had been queued so she wasn't doing any speed. I must thank the little old lady who'd been struggling with her handbreak at everyset of lights for my good fortune. If she had been pulling off as soon as the lights changed I would not have still had my handbreak on. As it was I knew she would be slow so I wasn't rushing either.

We did the details exchange bit and then I went onto my mums to make the relevant calls and have a much needed mug of tea. Mum had a lovely "present" waiting for me too so that cheered me up.

And now I am just working through all the phone calls to get everything sorted out with repairs, replacement cars and car seats etc, oh how I hate choosing car seats for the kids.

So far though the insurance people (Tesco) have been brilliant. Everything is clearly explained and they have been really patient with me on the phone and I have never once (4 calls now as I keep thinking of other things to ask) felt rushed or that the agent had no idea what they should be telling me. The claim went through at 6:30 last night and at 8:00 am this morning the car people were on the phone to sort out the replacement car. Just need to ring them back. The repair people also left a message while I was out so I can get the car booked in with them this afternoon with any luck. Plus I am assured they will collect and return the car so that saves a trip into Leicester.

So I have an afternoon of phone calls ahead of me but hopefully nothing to stressfull and I need to do my weekly shop online which will please DS1 as he had asked me to do an online shop last week, he loves it when the Tesco man comes ;)

To be fair to Wednesdays though I did have a lovely morning, I went with a couple of friends to the local cannel for a walk and a visit to the tea shop. It was beautifully sunny and we had a fab time, maybe its just the afternoons that don't like me ;)

Saturday, 17 May 2008


Well this hasn't been the best of weeks I have to say.

I've had a horrid cold which has had me floored by half six every night which isn't a great thing when that leaves at least an hour and half of work to go so I've been pretty miserable to say the least. Plus work isn't that much fun at the moment either, roll on the end of term is all I can say!

Added to this Bean has decided that waking up for a feed every two hours is now the done thing. I am so tired. We have planned to night wean him at half term already so only a week till we try that. The plan there being that I can then leave him at home with Daddy and DD and DS1 while I escape to Woolfest. And how excited am I about that! VERY, I am so looking forward to a couple of days away and all that wool. I'm already planing what to buy and what to pack etc.

And of course this was the week that DS1 decided to introduce himself to A&E. He somehow "bent" his foot and was in complete agony. Poor thing, when he realised it mean't he couldn't go to Grandma's he tried to tell me it was all better but he could barely walk on it so off we went to A&E. He wasn't keen on the experience to say the least but the x-rays came back clear and after a couple of days rest he seems to be fine again. Unforunatly we left his puppy dog at A&E and so far no one has handed it in. Rather anoying to be honest as its obviously a well loved creature. Still DS1 has been very brave about it all and I will be much more careful in future.

On a better note DS1's apt for the Dietitian has come through. It's well organised so far in that they wrote and asked me to call and make an apt to suit me so we have one booked for half term which means that DH can have DD and Bean and I will be able to concentrate fully on DS1.

It's going to be a busy half term as we have alot of work to get done in the garden, we have a skip booked for all the junk and I would like to fit in a family day out and a meet up with friends or two depending on what other people are doing.

On the knitting front I am at the heel of my Enchanted sock and am loving the way it is knitting up. I even managed the pattern (so far) without messing it up.

I'm about the graft the toe of my roll top socks though I think these will take a bit of a back seat while I finish the Enchanted socks.

And I'm also being good and getting some more of my face cloths finished. I did a simple moss stitch cloth during the week and am part way a second which I think just leaves me one to go which I may try to get finished during May so then they are all done and I will just need to get the soaps for them. It will be nice not to be rushing to finish at the last minute.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

What to say?

Well what to say indeed! I can't believe how longs it has been since I posted last. I guess I have been busy but I have to confess that I have also been holw dwelling in a funny king of way. And even now I am sitting here struggling to write anything.

Its not that nothing has been going on, acctualy lots has its just that I seem to be having problems getting the words from me head to the screen. It's also not that easy to find blogging time without toddler help!

We have been going through some big changes with DS1 recently. He got very ill around Easter with repeated bouts of sickness. When we eventually decided that it wasn't going to clear up on its own we carted him off to the docs who talked to me about his current problems and past history and then recommended a lactose free diet. Not a massive suprise I have to admit but not the dignosis I had been hoping for. Anyhow the lactose free diet has worked wonders. I can't believe just how ill he had been, my poor baby. We traced the really ill stuff back to January but the underlying symptomns have been there for alot longer.

So having completed out trial diet we are now waiting for a dietician apt and possibly we will have a pediactric referal as well depending on what the dietician thinks. One of DS1 playgroup friends is also lactose intolerant and her mum has been brilliant. I met her by chance when I was stood contemplating the free from shelves in the supermarket and she gave me loads of help with what was nice and what he could eat in normal food and the like.

Other than constantly thinking about food we have been doing normal family things like schools and playgroup and tots (thank goodness for tots it really is a life saver some weeks) and work all of which takes up most of me life and isn't really that interesting to write about. ;) I am however enjoying lafe at the moment despite my inclination to curl up on my own for much of the time. Still I have been going out still and getting stuff done round the house and have even had a friend over for lunch one day which was lovely.

Knitting wise I finished my April socks in good time and even managed to blog them well before the month end deadline.

April Socks

the May socks are well underway

May Roll Top Socks

My usual cloth knitting has been going on as well, I will post those to Ravelry eventually for anyone who really wants to see them.

There is one to post here though


This one was done in super quick time for friends of ours who have just moved as part of their Housewarming gift.

Also on the needles (though no pics yet) are a pair of very small newborn socks for a friend from tots who had her baby girl on Monday morning. Baby Abigail has a blockage somewhere in her digestive system and has already had one operation to try to correct it. It's a bit of a waiting game at the moment as food still isn't going through as fast as they would like so she is needing a little more help to get along than was hoped but the outlook is good. She is often in my thoughts and obviously has brought to the surface (more than ever) thoughts about another of my friends and her loss last year. So if you read this my love know that though I am useless at the MSN thing I think of you lots and send you many virtual hugs, I am always here if you want to talk or just need someone to sit with for a while. Go easy on yourself.