Saturday, 12 April 2008

On The Needles

Well despite the sickness I have still had time to knit

Cloth Number 4 is finished but for some reason I haven't taken a pic of it yet

The Rainbow Bucket bag had to be re-started from scratch which caused much trauma to me but it is now knitted up and ready to be felted. The colours have striped really well and I am loving it. It was great to knit too so I think I might do one for my Mum for her birthday though I'll get loads of wool and do here a bit bigger.
Rainbow Bucket 3
Rainbow Bucket 4

My April Socks are well on their way to being done. I've just done little anklets this time to wear with my trainers so they are a nice quick knit. I abandoned the idea of a pattern and I'm just sticking to stocking stitch and letting the yarn show off for me.
April Socks In Progress

I'm glad they are a quick knit to because I am itching to cast this on
Isn't it just gorgeous! It's from Mamalonglegs (aka Babylonglegs aka Sarah) and is one of my favourite colourways. I am just trying to decide whether to attempt something with a bit of texture or just stick with stocking stitch and let the yarn speak for itself. At the moment I'm coming down in favour a simple pattern and possibly casting on a second pair for TV kniting where I tend to loose track of what I am doing more easily. Or of course I could do some more of DS1's jumper while I watch TV.

Coming Up For Air

of at least I think we are. It's been one heck of a week here.

To start off we had the Easter holidays and all the chaos that having everyone at home entails. It also doesn't leave me much time for Blogging, although the knitting faired better this time than it did at half term.

DD had a party everyweekend (two bowling and one gym) which kept us busy and we met up with friends a couple of times. The first time at the local soft play with a friend of mine from tots and her three children and the second day out was to the loverly Sarah's for our regular get together with Lottie and Sarah there as well. I did miss seeing Sasha who couldn't make it. Hope to see you soon sweetie.

In amongst all this DS1 was suffering from an onging upset tummy, everytime I thought we'd beaten it it came back and after a couple of weeks of it on and off DS1 was really starting to suffer pretty badly. We spoke to the doc who gave me some things to try and said if he got worse to ring back and he'd get him looked at. So when DS1 almost totally shut down and was just sat on the sofa staring into space and wanting to be cuddled and not wanting to play at all it was time to call back.

This combined with his being sick in the night for a couple of nights together plus Bean having his post jab streaming cold has not left much time for sleep in the Miffy household so DH and I are exhausted.

The upshot is that we saw a fab new doctor at the surgery and she listen carefully to what I had to say and to his past history and then suggested that he may be milk intolerant. So we are trailing a lactose free diet for two weeks and after that we may be refered to a specialist (depends partly on what DH and I want to do) for further tests to rule out any other allergies or intolerances.

And doesn't milk/lactose turn up in SO SO many things, things you really wouldn't expect it to be in - tomatoe sauce!?!?

Fortunatly Lottie is an expert in the area so I'll be able to get loads of advice there. And so is one of the mums at playgroup who I met by great fortune while I started dumbly at the "Free From" range at the local supermarket. H's DD is in playgroup with DS1 and has been lactose free for a while now so I got the lowdown on whats good and where to buy stuff. She has lent me the guide sheet she got from the dietician which was a great help to me when I did the main supermarket shop yesterday.

I have to say though that I think the Doctor has hit the nail on the head, By the time DS1 had been lactose free for 24 hrs we were already seeing a huge difference. He is comfortable, eating again and (touch wood) no sickness or tummy upset. Bless him he is coping well with the sudden change to his diet and the realisation that his chocolate stash (left over from Easter) has been taken away. He was a little sad but lactose free bourbons have cheered him up no end!