Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My Little Bookworm

I love this picture of DD so I thought I would share it, she is reading me Cinderella.
My Bookworm

Sleep Over!

We had our first sleep over a couple of weekends ago. Babylonglegs youngest came to stay with us. He and DS1 had a fab time and played really well together. We were lucky with the weather so they got lots of time outside and then after tea DH put Rock Band on and we played that for a while.

They even slept well too, I only had to "get cross" once which I was very impressed with.

On Sunday we all went conkering at a local park, there are several big Horse Chestnut trees there and as the park is in one of the local villages they tend not to be stripped bare, instead you can collect loads of windfalls. When we went last year there it was fairly windy and conkers were falling out of the trees around us! The kids love it so I am making it an annual pilgrimage.

We stopped off to feed the ducks and geese before going for a walk in the wood.
Feeding The Ducks We We also introduced J and my DH to the trees with eyes! Aren't they just fab :) I love them they were just so unexpected the first time I saw them, we just turned a corner and a tree was looking at us.I'm Watching You!Blue Eyed TreeThe Trees Have Eyes On the way back to the the trees for some more conkering the kids stopped off for a ride on the dragonfly. Riding On The Dragonfly How grumpy does DD look about having her photo taken? LOL

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Neglected Again

Well despite my best intentions life has gotten in the way of blogging once more.

In part because the start of term for the kids, DH and me kept me plenty busy while I caught up with house work and in part because I rediscovered peace and quiet and time to knit without interruption form children and husbands. Long may Bean's afternoon naps continue ;)

Another reason for the lack of blogging this week has been the horrid cold we've all had this week so for several days the last thing I've felt like is sitting at the computer.

All this time away from the pc has meant that lots of knitting has been done. I've started and finished my Cable Twist BeanieFinished Cable Twist Beanie, finished my Garter Rib Socks Garter Rib Socks 4and cast on some Jaywalkers, Jaywalking Cuffsstarted knitting Dulcie for which I need to be alone so progress is steady but somewhat slow and I am pleased with how its going so far. The life lines are giving me confidence.

I went to the Knitting and Stitching Show at the NEC last Sunday and though I got everything I wanted I was very disappointed with it. I found it smaller than last year and I thought the stalls were smaller as well. I think next year I will try to get to Ally Pally or I just wont bother with the show but will go splurge at a LYS.

Hmmmmm....maybe I have just been spoiled by Woolfest ;) And I have good news there, DH doesn't have to be in university for the Friday of Woolfest so I may still be able to go up in the morning!

Anyway this is my Show stash:

Some Jawoll Colour sock yarn, you may recognise it from the Jaywalkers above.
Jarwoll Colour
Fyberspates sock yarn, can't remember which exactly. Jen was just about the only source of exciting and unusual sock yarn there!
Fyberspates Sock Yarn
Some Possum Paints DK. This is 20% possum fur and 80% merino, the colourway is Bush Harvest.
Possum Fur and Merino
I also got some 2.25mm bamboo DPNs and some stitch markers. Oh and some Regia Bamboo Colour sock yarn.Regia Bambo

Not a bad haul all in all and I'm looking forward to knitting lots of socks!

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Knitting Catch Up

It has occured to me that I haven't updated the knitting side of my blog for a while so I thought I would post some recent pics.
First up is my current sock project - Garter Rib Socks from the Sensational Knitted Socks book. I'm loving the book so there will be more socks from it to come.
Garter Rib Socks 1
This is my new found bit of fun - Hyperbolic Crochet. These were done with the increase on every third chain. They are really easy and you can see the shape forming very quickly. The original instructions I found gave me brain ache but then I found these on the My @Ventures blog and all became clear. This is my first effort
Hyperbolic Crochet (3 inc) 1
Hyperbolic Crochet (3 inc) 2
I'm on the second one already but I don't have a pic yet. I'm doing them in some left over Babylonglegs yarn.
The Crafts Council are bringing the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef to the Knitting and Stiching show at the NEC and are accepting contributions and being as I already I have my ticket to the show I thought I would do some crochet and take a few bits along.

Here are my September socks, finished on the 1st of the month so that the rest of my month was free for knitting Beans new soaker. The soaker is cast on and the ribbing is done for the waist but as Bean has decided that sleeping bags are no fun at all and refuses to sleep in his anymore he has been put in his longies already. Doesn't look like I'll be needing those shorts till next summer :( Still on the bright side I will need enough yarn (plus time and patience) to knit a pair of longies so I see a little shopping trip at Mamalonglegs in my future ;)
Woosh Socks

And lastly here is the shawl I have done for DH's Gran. I was planning it for her birthday in October but she is very ill at the moment so I am just hoping that she gets well enough to go back to the home for a bit and she can have the shawl then.
Grans Shawl 1

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

First Day At School

DS1 had his first day at school this week. He suddenly looked all small again when I got him in his school uniform.

DS1 All Ready For His First Day
DS1 Posing

He had a fab day though which was a big relief to me as I have to admit to being a little worried about whether he would enjoy it or not. I think he may turn out to be quite a handful for his teacher though. He has really enjoyed the rest of his week too, alternate days this week and then everyday from next Tuesday. He is loving it which is good. I do miss having him around though.Both My School Children!

It took till yesterday for DD to really get settled in but something clicked on Friday and she now seems her old self again which is fab as I had been getting a little worried about her.

The Simple Pleasures...

...are almost always the best and it can't get much simpler than just spending time with my family.

I have been relishing my new found status as Stay At Home Mum and just enjoying being able to cook tea for the kids, spend time with them in the evening, pop to the shops after school and put them to bed myself every night. It's been a long time since I have been able to do these things but DH has handed over the reigns and we are getting our new routines organised.
It's so nice to have time to stop and play when we are shopping now.29th August 2008

Last week also saw DH starting at his new job, trainee teacher. He is loving it so far though there is alot of work already and the plans sent by the university for the new year look pretty intense. In some ways it is going to be a tough year but in others I hope it will bring us together as a family and it will start DH off on a new career that hopefully he will continue to enjoy as much as he is doing now.

Last Saturday we went over to my mum's for one of her parties. She hired a bouncy castle for the kids All Three Enjoying the Castlewhich they all loved and we got to see her new shed! The New Shed! and a new garden ornament Mum's Latest Garden Ornament
She has chickens too now but I haven't got a pic of the hen house yet. I'll get one next time I go as it is the talk of the lane apparantly ;)