Saturday, 12 April 2008

On The Needles

Well despite the sickness I have still had time to knit

Cloth Number 4 is finished but for some reason I haven't taken a pic of it yet

The Rainbow Bucket bag had to be re-started from scratch which caused much trauma to me but it is now knitted up and ready to be felted. The colours have striped really well and I am loving it. It was great to knit too so I think I might do one for my Mum for her birthday though I'll get loads of wool and do here a bit bigger.
Rainbow Bucket 3
Rainbow Bucket 4

My April Socks are well on their way to being done. I've just done little anklets this time to wear with my trainers so they are a nice quick knit. I abandoned the idea of a pattern and I'm just sticking to stocking stitch and letting the yarn show off for me.
April Socks In Progress

I'm glad they are a quick knit to because I am itching to cast this on
Isn't it just gorgeous! It's from Mamalonglegs (aka Babylonglegs aka Sarah) and is one of my favourite colourways. I am just trying to decide whether to attempt something with a bit of texture or just stick with stocking stitch and let the yarn speak for itself. At the moment I'm coming down in favour a simple pattern and possibly casting on a second pair for TV kniting where I tend to loose track of what I am doing more easily. Or of course I could do some more of DS1's jumper while I watch TV.

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Anne said...

Oh wow. I can see wanting to cast that on - that is a simply gorgeous colorway!