Monday, 30 March 2009

I Knit Lace!!!!!!!

And here it is.
Finished Meret 2
I am so very pleased with it. I probably haven't blocked it enough as the eyelets aren't very open but that is fine for me as I tend to prefer texture to really open work. I'm just really happy to have finished it without getting in a total pickle. There are a couple of mistakes in it of course but nothing that I had to frog back and redo thankfully.
Finished Meret - DetailFinished Meret 1
The pattern is Meret by Woolly Wormhead
Finished Meret 3

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Knitting and Yarn Catch Up

I've been getting a bit organised on the knitting front this last week or so.

I finally got around to felting my Satchel bag. Just got to get some buckles and then stitch it together. Before and after photos here for you.
Good Karma Bag - Before FeltingGood Karma Bag - Felted

From it's corner by the sofa I have retrieved my cabled hot water bottle cover. I had missed one of the cable rows and not realised before I got to the next cable row. I spent an interested afternoon frogging back the offending section, putting the cable bit in and then re-doing the the bit I had frogged back. Once rescued finishing the cover was very quick and I am well chuffed with the finished result. It feels lovely by my feet too.
Cables - FinishedCables - Detail
My Twisted Olivia socks are coming on well, this picture is from a few days ago, the second sock is just past the heel now.
Twisted Olivia - 1 down, 1 to go

And then there is the yarn. I am a member of the Sock-a-Month group which I really enjoy. There is a monthly prize draw and much to my surprise I won the January draw. And here is my yarn and stitch markers.
Precious Metals - Skien
Precious Metals - Details
It's Precious Metals Colorway of Tinsel Toes from The Unique Sheep

And of course no update of yarn is complete without a Babylonglegs fix. This is my Blue Banana sock yarn.
Blue Banana - SkienBlue Banana - Detail

Spring in the Garden

Well spring has well and truly arrived. Isn't this beautiful...
Spring in the Garden

Happy Mummy

It was Mother's Day last Sunday so the kids got to make me stuff at school.

DD made this gorgeous card
Mother's Day Card - DD
and DS1 painted a picture of me,
poster edited
apparantly there was no purple paint for my hair hence the green. The little ones also did us an assembly too.
Mother's Day Assembley
DS1 also iced me a biscuit at school, he was so excited about it all he couldn't wait till Sunday to give me my pressie so I got given the biscuit on Saturday morning. And then he, his brother and sister ate it for me too!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

As ever it's been an age since I managed to post. First the boys had flu, really not fun, actually scary even at times. Neither of them had been that ill with cold stuff since they were tiny and had broncholitus.

Forunatly for DH and me both the boys were well enough on the Saturday for us to go on our long awaited night out. My wonderful friends Babylonglegs and Lottie arranged a night out for us, the tickets came in the post and were a wonderful suprise. Although I had a suspicion something was coming as Lottie had developed an odd interest in my post ;)

Lottie sat for the kids while DH and I joined Babylonglegs at Kirby Muxloe Golf Club (very posh) to watch the band her Hubby is in, Weird Fish. We had a fantastic time. DH agreed to let me drive so he could have a drink and he even danced! He never dances!

I cannot that you guys enough we had such a good night.

The other big Miffy Family news is that Bean has moved into a bed. Here he is fast asleep on his first night in his bed. First Night in Big Bed For the first time in over 5 years we have taken the cot down. The Miffy Family is growing up!

The week after was my turn to be ill so another week spent curled up on the sofa. Still it does mean that lots of knitting gets done so here are some pics and waffle about knitting stuff.

This month DH's Mum had her 60th birthday and we gave her a shawl that I knit with for Alpaca/Silk that I got from the Natural Dye Studio at Woolfest last year specially for this present. I have loads left so am wondering what else I can make with it but here is the finished item. Birthday Shawl Finished

Despite a tricky pooling moment which resulted in my tinking back 20 rows (now theres devotion for you) the Still Waters Socks are finished and, if I do say so myself, are beautiful.
Still Waters Finished 2
Still Waters Detail

Next up was a pair of baby socks. These were for a Spring KAL on Rav, I had just finished a grown up pair in this yarn but it was the most spring like that I had so I used the leftovers to do a quick baby pair. Any boy were they quick, I've never knit a pair so fast in my life :)
Crocus Baby Socks 2

And finally my current project "Twisted Olivia" using the Babylonglegs yarn that Lottie gave me for Christmas and the Cable Twist pattern. They look fab so far and are proving a very quick knit.
Twisted Olivia 1
DD is eyeing up the yarn so if theres enough left I may do her a pair when mine are done.