Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Well I thought it was about time I posted some more knitting so here is my first handspun, as in spun by me, project.
The Handspun
My First Handspun Project
The colourway is Babylonglegs Olivia which was a present ages ago but I just could not get on with my spindle so it's had to wait till I got a wheel to use.  The black is some that Lottie gave me to practice with.

The end result isn't the most even yarn.  I started on 12mm needles with 15 stitches and due to the yarn getting finer and finer I ended up with 8 mm needles and around 20 stitches!  I am very pleased with the result though as I learned alot during the process about spinning, plying and making knitting stay more or less the same width and the Gorgeous Girl does love her new scarf.

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