Tuesday, 23 February 2010

New Toys

During half term Lottie and I visited the wonderful Sarah and as well as coming away with more yarn I also brought home some fibre and something to spin it on.
Wheel Detail
Isn't it gorgeous! And with some practice I am getting the hang of her now and have managed to produce some not too terrible looking spinning.
Practice Spinning
First Coloured Spinning
Mind I've got to work out how to ply it next ;)


DS1 has had a wobbly tooth for a few weeks now but this morning I finally persuaded him to give it a pull and out it came.
This means we can now use the beautiful box that I got him to use as a tooth box. I'd been on the lookout for a suitable container for a while and found this whilst hunting for a birthday present for my friend Sarah.
Tree Gem Gift Box 2
It is from Tree Gems on Folksy. I was looking for buttons (which I also got) at the time and when I saw the gift boxes I knew I had found my tooth pot. It was a fantastic service too, quick postage and beautifully wrapped. The envelope smelled gorgeous of wood :)
Tree Gems Gift Box 1
So here we are all ready for the Tooth Fairy to visit tonight.
Tooth Box In Action

Catching up again.

There's been lots going on in the Miffy household of late and I've been slack and not made the effort to blog again so here I am with a bit of a catch up.

DH spent the first week of term in hospital and not back in work teaching and then a further two weeks at home recuperating. Bean had flu, again! He was really floored by it and I was very grateful to have DH at home so I could leave him with Daddy whilst I got stuff done.

There's been lots of knitting of course. Mainly on socks for the kids and "The Infinite Cat Basket". No photo's of the cat basket yet but once I have it finished I will blog about it, promise!

No sooner did I get everyone back to school/playgroup it was half term and they were all at home again. We had a good week. DS1 went to a football course everyday and DD did a cookery course the last 3 mornings of the week. That was very yummy indeed, she brought the recipes home with her so there are a couple that are going to be repeated at home. She is very impressed with her cooking skills as are her Dad and I. Oh and it snowed.

And then back to school yesterday hopefully with no one being ill this half term. I'm already looking forward to Easter though.