Sunday, 3 July 2011

Seven On Sunday Foo's Style.

Last night Mr Miffy and I got to see two of our favourite bands play live :)

We've been waiting and keeping our fingers crossed since the dates were announced on 25th October last year and since we managed to get tickets in the pre-sale on 3rd November.  So understandably my Seven On Sunday is slightly biased this week ;)

1) Huge thanks to my In Laws for having the three terrors overnight.  The kids had a fab time including getting taken out for ice-cream.

2) All three children stayed fit and healthy.  Last time we were supposed to go see a concert poor Eldest ended up have an emergency appendectomy so we had to cancel cos she needed her Mama and Dad at home with her and we needed to be close to her.  Amazing how a scare like that puts life in perspective.

3) Our wonderful car got us there.  It got us back too with no problems either but I'd have settled for just there.
4) The weather was wonderful.  Dry all day and evening and lots of lovely sunshine while we were waiting for the concert to get going.  There were lots of people to share the good weather with too.

5) Good people to sit with.  We were really lucky to find some great folk to sit with.  We all saved spaces for each other when people went for food, drink etc.  Do you like our steps?  Well what else do you do when your waiting fours hours for the great bands to come on stage except build steps.

6) Good support bands.  We been waiting a long time to see Biffy Clyro (which is the band we were going to see when we had to cancel) so I'd been well pleased to see them as support and they were fab.

7) Lots and lots of Foo Fighters!  Two and half hours altogether and they were completely brilliant.  We had just the best time.  We were right up against the barrier of the runway so we had a brilliant view.  Dave Grohl is such a showman.  Mr Miffy and I had such a fantastic time and we are going to do our best to go see them next time they play the UK.

Of course other good things have happened this week, lots in fact but the Foo's concert has got to be the highlight and really does deserve a post all to itself.

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