Wednesday, 10 August 2011


It's an odd thing really but just like when I was a child the summer holidays still seem to stretch away for ever at the start and then before I know it they are almost over and I'm wondering how to fit in all the stuff I want to do as well as all the boring grown up stuff I need to do. This is why in most years you'll find me still sewing name tape in school uniform a week after they've started back.

This year has been no different I had lots of plans for long walks with the kids and trips out and yet here we are with only a couple of weeks to go before Mr Miffy goes back to work and though we have been out and about I feel that we haven't done half as much as I wanted to and that I've wasted all the good weather. It's been raining on and off for a couple of days now which I know isn't helping my mood.

I don't think this feeling of not getting to do everything I want to is helped by the sudden lack of structure that our family life has once the holidays proper arrive. Because Mr Miffy works in a school no one has to get up and go to work no one gets up. The kids sort themselves out for breakfast etc these days so as we don't have to get out of bed we don't. By the time we drag ourselves out of bed half the day has gone. Don't get me wrong long lie ins with Mr Miffy are lovely but they do tend to stop us doing much more with our day as it's often been lunch time before the morning jobs are done and by then we can't be bothered to much more than chill out round home. I have to say though it does make for good quality home time with lots of family snuggles and chatting. In comparison to term time I spend very little time online other than for quick facebook checks though I have to admit to spending alot of time playing my solitare ap this summer.

I have come to the conclusion that though the lazing about and staying in bed half the day has been good in some ways if I want to get much more done this summer I need to listen to the alarm clock and shift myself out from under the duvet when it goes off.

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