Monday, 19 November 2007

Tough few days

Well it has been a tough few days at home. My PMT has been raging so everyone has been suffering, DH especially.

I'm missing my friends at the moment too which I don't think is helping. I can't get any proper plans made for visiting with DH being at home. He is a little precious about how I spend my time at best and now he's home all the time it is a bit of a nightmare. Hopefully he will get a job soon and be out from under my feet for a while.

On the bright side I have decided to make a few changes around home including getting out a bit more and getting on top of the house work more too.

Of course I still need to make time for my knitting. I'm at the toe of mum's first sock and last night I finished my first decent face cloth. I need to do a few more of those and of course finish mums socks and do my sisters socks.

After Christmas I need to get some serious work done on DS1's jumper and then I have yarn for two pairs of socks for me and I fancy knitting myself a big chunky scarf too. I also have the yarn for fetchings and I want to do the fingerless gloves from Yarn Forward too so I need to go yarn shopping for those. Hmmmm I see a day out shopping coming up, wonder who I can pursaude to go with me?


BabyLongLegs said...


Sarah xXx

SarahM said...

Have a (((((hug))))) for you and a K*** up the A****s for DH

There you go :)
Sarah xx

lottie said...

mememememe if we can do it at a weekend or during holidays as i can't take time off now!!!!

I miss you too hun so hopefully we can get together tomorrow!!!!

love and hugs and see you tomorrow!

love ya livi