Saturday, 3 May 2008

What to say?

Well what to say indeed! I can't believe how longs it has been since I posted last. I guess I have been busy but I have to confess that I have also been holw dwelling in a funny king of way. And even now I am sitting here struggling to write anything.

Its not that nothing has been going on, acctualy lots has its just that I seem to be having problems getting the words from me head to the screen. It's also not that easy to find blogging time without toddler help!

We have been going through some big changes with DS1 recently. He got very ill around Easter with repeated bouts of sickness. When we eventually decided that it wasn't going to clear up on its own we carted him off to the docs who talked to me about his current problems and past history and then recommended a lactose free diet. Not a massive suprise I have to admit but not the dignosis I had been hoping for. Anyhow the lactose free diet has worked wonders. I can't believe just how ill he had been, my poor baby. We traced the really ill stuff back to January but the underlying symptomns have been there for alot longer.

So having completed out trial diet we are now waiting for a dietician apt and possibly we will have a pediactric referal as well depending on what the dietician thinks. One of DS1 playgroup friends is also lactose intolerant and her mum has been brilliant. I met her by chance when I was stood contemplating the free from shelves in the supermarket and she gave me loads of help with what was nice and what he could eat in normal food and the like.

Other than constantly thinking about food we have been doing normal family things like schools and playgroup and tots (thank goodness for tots it really is a life saver some weeks) and work all of which takes up most of me life and isn't really that interesting to write about. ;) I am however enjoying lafe at the moment despite my inclination to curl up on my own for much of the time. Still I have been going out still and getting stuff done round the house and have even had a friend over for lunch one day which was lovely.

Knitting wise I finished my April socks in good time and even managed to blog them well before the month end deadline.

April Socks

the May socks are well underway

May Roll Top Socks

My usual cloth knitting has been going on as well, I will post those to Ravelry eventually for anyone who really wants to see them.

There is one to post here though


This one was done in super quick time for friends of ours who have just moved as part of their Housewarming gift.

Also on the needles (though no pics yet) are a pair of very small newborn socks for a friend from tots who had her baby girl on Monday morning. Baby Abigail has a blockage somewhere in her digestive system and has already had one operation to try to correct it. It's a bit of a waiting game at the moment as food still isn't going through as fast as they would like so she is needing a little more help to get along than was hoped but the outlook is good. She is often in my thoughts and obviously has brought to the surface (more than ever) thoughts about another of my friends and her loss last year. So if you read this my love know that though I am useless at the MSN thing I think of you lots and send you many virtual hugs, I am always here if you want to talk or just need someone to sit with for a while. Go easy on yourself.

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