Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I Can't Believe.....

..... it's been so long since I managed to blog. I've had loads to tell, most of which has by now been forgotten but just no time to blog. All of which means that this will be a rather rambling and picture heavy post. Sorry.

At half term we re-painted the front room so apart from one wall it is now all cream. Before and after pictures follow.
Before 1 Before 2 After 3 After 4
We sent the kids to PIL for the day and did about three coats of paint all told plus taking down and putting back the shelves etc. We also took the opportunity to have a good sort out and tidy round so the front is looking alot better now.

The week after half term I managed to go for lunch with a good friend of mine. She is a teacher so I don't get to see her properly as often as I would like. When she is off I normally have all three kids so a good gossip isn't normally practical however this term she had a different half term week to ours so we got to get together on her week off and go for lunch with only the Bean as added company.

That week was also DS1's 5th birthday. I'm really not sure how he got to be 5 LOL He did very well for himself and had a good day and a good party on the Saturday. It was a very bust weekend though as we had another party on the Sunday for his friend at school who was born on the same afternoon. Her mum and I met in recovery!

The week after I went over to see Babylonglegs and got some gorgeous sock yarn in colours DD had picked out herself.

Then on the Friday we had some fireworks at home, just a few small ones which the kids watched from the conservatory. We had friends round for the evening and had a fab time. In the morning we got up to find that one of the rockets hadn't strayed far from home at all!
Bonfire Night Just glad neither of the blokes were under it when it came down!!

On the Sunday it was Beans birthday and I made him a cake!!! Sadly for my children that is the first time I have made any of them a birthday cake.
Birthday Cake
It was OK though and I think I shall try to make home baked birthday cakes standard in the future. It's a good way of being sure there is no milk in there. And by the way, how did Bean get to be two already????? ;)

Then a couple of weeks of frantic sock knitting for DD's birthday only interrupted by a couple of parents evenings. Fab reports for both of them particularly DD's english. Most importantly though, for DH and myself, both of them are settled, happy and behaving themselves.

DD had her birthday, I can't believe she's 8 already, do I sound like a stuck record yet??? LOL I was a good Mama and made her lots of little birthday cakes as requested
.Birthday Cakes Happy Birthday DD
I thought they looked rather good if I do say so myself. DD was pleased with them which is the important thing.

I managed to make her two pairs of socks for her birthday which thankfully she loves, she is quite a sensitive soul and I wondered if she would get on the the very different feel on hand knit socks. She wore the first pair to school the next day and the other pair the day after so I needn't have worried.DD's Rainbow Birthday Socks DD's Weeping Willow socks

Then I was back to Babylonglegs for the day where I got this. Babylonglegs Ragdoll Sock Yarn
Isn't it just scrummy. I'd had my eye on it for a while and couldn't resist. I'm looking forward to finishing my Christmas knits so that I can do myself some more socks. I have plans for some toe ups in January - new skill there - so I can use up some of my leftovers.

Saturday morning we picked up DD's friend and all went bowling, I haven't done any for ages and did most of mine with the rack thing as Bean was helping me but I didn't do too badly. DD got a strike on her first go! DD's friend stayed for lunch and the afternoon which gave DH and I the chance to sort out the kids toys. There is a huge box of stuff ready to go the the charity shop and there is now room for the Birthday and Christmas stuff to go.

Yesterday I went over to Northamptonshire to collect a knitting machine that a lovely lady by the name of nightcrickett on Ravelry has let me have. I'm not entirely sure when I will get to unpack it and have a proper play but watch this space.

Today would normally be Wriggley Readers with Bean and friends at the library followed by coffee with the girls after but I have a horrid cold and DD is decidedly under the weather so we are having a PJ day instead. I will have to go into town tomorrow so will just have to go for coffee then.

And I think that brings me up to date. If you made it this far well done and I promise to try not to leave it so long next time.


Sasha said...

Wow Miffy, what a busy month! Happy birthday to all your babies.

Love Sasha

SarahM said...

Yes it's a busy time of year for you isnt it?! And now all your children are the same ages as mine! Happy b'day mini miffys.

MiffyRabbit said...

Thanks guys. :)