Saturday, 17 January 2009

Back to normal

It's been fairly normal here in the Miffy household. The kids are back at school so my house is my own again which is good.

DH has started in his second school placement which has gone OK so far. He's passed his midway assessment which is a big relief all round.

Apart from that not much has been happening. I've done some cables which you can see in the other post and have been working on my Toe Up socks. The first one is done
First Toe Up Finished
and I'm on the heel of the second one so I'm hoping to have it done very soon. The casting on was still like knitting with a hedgehog though ;)
2nd Toe Up Cast On
2nd Toe Up Underway
One thing I have done is to get all my sock yarn out and though there isn't a mad amount there is quite alot.
I want to get a fair bit of the hand dyed stuff knit up so that I can buy more at Woolfest. I think I have sorted a sitter for Bean for the Friday so all is looking good so far. Am keeping my fingers crossed though.

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Nic said...

Ahh, you'll have it knitted up in no time, you speed-sock knitter ;)
Horrah for the Bean-sitter too. All set, now we just need to make sure the dyers are dying the yarn. Hehehe.
So the top-up sock wasn't that tricky? I want to have a know, when I have finally finished a sock I have been doing for months.