Thursday, 1 January 2009

Years Beginning

Well here we are in 2009.

I've just been looking at my aims (not resolutions, so I can't break them you know) for last year. I think mostly I did OK. I have been tidier though could be more so so I'll keep trying on that one and I did complete the Sock a Month not only for Jan - June but also for July - Dec, some months I even knit more than one pair!

The bit about DS1's jumper did make me laugh though!

Anyway aims for this year.

I'm going to continue with the Sock a Month blog, I enjoy it and its good motivation for working my way through my sock yarn stash. Also I enjoy having somewhere extra to show off my efforts as well as seeing what everyone else comes up with.

I'm going to try to finish DS1's jumper this year. My idea is to take it to my knitting groups so that I can work on it then. It's simple enough to do whilst talking.

Finally I've been thinking of late that my project photos leave something to be desired. My only camera has been the one on my phone and though it is a reasonably good camera it just isn't doing the colours justice. My first thought was to upgrade my phone to get a better camera. I got a good offer through the post which at first look did seem to be the answer however when we started adding in the cost of insurance it began to look a little less cost effective. DH and I talked about it and decided that as what I really want to do is improve my photos it might be better to buy a camera. So we did! I need to read up on tips etc but I am really pleased with it. Oh and I need to knit it a carry bag too! ;)

My only other aim for this year is to get knitting through my sock yarn stash so that I can justify buying more when (if) I go to Woolfest. Woolfest is mostly booked in I just need to find someone to have Bean for me and to hope that DH's university doesn't throw a last minute spanner in the works. So far the diary for that Friday is clear but you never know.....

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Nic said...

Gah!! I just commented and the Internet ate it! Anyway, I said that I was really impressed with your sock a month because I am lucky if I do a pair a year...I kid you not ;)

Fingers crossed for Woolfest. I have to hope that DH doesn't get any teaching on that Friday or I will have to start being really nice to people to look after Lou for me.