Thursday, 9 April 2009

Busy, Busy!

We've had a busy start to the Easter Holidays and have done lots of spring cleaning and clearing out so I'm still looking forward to a break! Still it's nice not to have to get up and dressed at break neck speed every morning.
The Miffy's and The TARDIS
We had a family day out yesterday to the Coventry Transport Museum which is currently home to the Dr Who Exhibition. We came face to face with Daleks,
Upgrade Anyone?
My Ideal Dog!
and lots of other Dr Who characters.

On our way round the museum itself DS1 found lots of cars to add to the list of things he is going to buy when he is a grown up. He's going to need a really good job!
Soldier Tank
DS1's Future Car!DS1's Favourite Car
We also saw Thrust and Thrust 2 which has a simulator bit that W and I went on. DH stayed with the kids, who chickened out, as he's been on it before.
ThrustThrust 2

After the museum we found a lovely little garden just outside the entrance and had a picnic there before coming home via friends.

Today DD had an arts session at the local high school before going to a friends for the rest of the day. DS1 had a football day and DH and I bought a carpet for the stairs. Somehow I think the kids got the best deal there!

Tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday are already booked up so I think it'll be next week before my break starts ;)

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