Wednesday, 27 May 2009

In Miffy's Garden


We've been trying to get out into the garden for weeks now but either the weather, other commitments or DH's workload has stopped us till last weekend. The weather was gorgeous, bit too gorgeous really as my poor sunburned back still reminds me, and we got loads done.

Bean helped DH cut the lawn.
Just Like Daddy
We had a general tidy up. DH had to take a couple of trees out of the front garden. One was a willow which had self seeded there, sadly though it was too close to the house to stay there and by the time we realised just how big it would eventually get it was too late to move it so it had to be cut up to be taken out. It's left a fairly bit hole in that border so we will be tree shopping again soon. We got a small twisting willow for where we took the other tree out. This one will be OK near the house.

We also got "Betty" a rather nice magnolia for the back garden to fill another gap in the fence.
I've planted some sunflowers and sweet peas in the border by the garage and more sweet peas in a big pot on the patio. There are also drawf beans, cherry tomatoes and lettuce planted out and seeds for spring onions, beetroot, courgette, carrots and radishes so I'm getting quite a nice kitchen garden going. I'll go pick up some pots of herbs soon too, I've never had any luck growing them from seed.
Veg Pots All Planted
In the front DH cleared out the front bed and has planted more beetroot. We grew beetroot in this bed last year and it did really well. I was amazed though how many flowers and plants had self seeded in there since we harvested last autumn.
Front Bed - Just Planted

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