Sunday, 7 June 2009

Brilliant Day!

Well what a brilliant day we had!

I overslept of course, given the serious lack of sleep in the week before that was no surprise but I was still just about ready when Lottie arrived to pick me up.

We got to the Bull Yard at about 8:15, of course it was pouring down and everything was rather wet but we battled on and unpacked the car which was stuffed full of yarn and fibre and stuff for the stall. Once Sarah arrived she organised the stall got it looking fab. Loads of bright yarn and fibre to brighten up the morning. Thankfully Sarah had brought lots of tarpaulin so we were able to create a nice cosy corner for ourselves and stay reasonably dry.

The fantastic "Babylonglegs" banner which looked brilliant!
Getting Set Up
The finished stall
All Set Up
and my socks on display :)
My Socks!
And then the knitterly folks started to arrive and pretty soon the front of the stall looked like this
Busy Busy Busy
Busy Busy
And it stayed that way for the whole morning. We met so many lovely people and it was fab to talk to everyone. I'm afraid I am terribly with names so I can't tell you very many of the people I met and I have no photo's to speak of cos the only time I got to take photos was the moments when there weren't so many folk around. However the lovely Mrs Flowerpot stopped by several times and she has a photo of Sarah and I which she has very kindly let me share with you.
Me and Sarah
Sadly it rained for much of the day, sometimes very hard but that didn't seem to stop people coming and enjoying themselves and buying lots judging from all the stuffed bags that were being carried about and how many bags we passed out to people. The pigeons didn't seem to keen on the weather though!
Hiding From The Rain
I didn't get much time to walk round but to be honest this didn't bother me at all as I was having such a fun time with Babylonglegs. I did manage to do some shopping though.

James wandered by with some Colinette Point 5 he'd brought from Knitting 4 Fun which sent me running to get some to go with the 3 skeins I already have. I got an extra in Dusk and 4 in Velvet. These are destined to be a blanket/throw for me but I probably won't get to start it until later in the year.
Dusk Point 5
Velvet Point 5
I also got a skein of Sparkle from Fyberspates the colourway is Beech or possible Beach, I don't know cos there wasn't a label for my skein but either way it's a lovely colour and I'm looking forward to knitting with it. For those who haven't seen Sparkle it is rather clever sock yarn with 2% silver in it. I'm not sure the silver shows too well in the photo but it does catch the eye nicely in real life.
Sparkle Sock Yarn
Sparkle Sock Yarn - Detail
Nic of Nicsknots fame was there and had done some special bags for Sarah and of course this meant two of my favourite things came together, Nic's sock project bags and fabric with skulls on so I just had to have one. Isn't it great!
Skulls Project Bag
And naturally I couldn't come away without some Babylonglegs sock yarn. However as this is for a gift I shan't be able to post any pics yet. It is gorgeous though.

So despite the weather it was a brilliant day, I just wish we could do it all again next year, sadly Scotland is just too far away.


Nic said...

Great photos! It was a cool day (haha, in more ways than one!!). Great to see you and I'm sad that its in Scotland next year too, still trying to work out logistics of going though but i think there should be one in Coventry every year!!

BabyLongLegs said...

What a day...
Amazing :)
Couldn't have done it without you Liv, thankyou soooo much :) year.
I'll be flying solo won't its a loooooong way away!!!

Many hugs
S xXx

Crafty Cripple said...

It really was a great day out, despite the weather. I'm jealous of your haul, but love mine very much too. Glad you got a shot of the pigeons as my camera stayed firmly in my bag the whole day for fear of the wet.