Saturday, 3 October 2009

Back in Blogland!

I seem to have had a summer off blogging which although not entirely planned hasn't been a bad thing. We just spent loads of time together as a family just hanging out. After all the hard work of last year, DH's teacher training, DS1's first year at school and my running the home more or less single handedly for a lot of the time it was good to just crash out and not do much of anything.

We had some really good days out including a trip to Drayton Manor including Thomasland. There are loads of pictures here if you fancy a peek. Far too many to put on the blog. Given the weather we've had over the summer we did really well with our day out. Mind the heavens opened just as we left and by the time we had crossed the disabled cark park we were all literaly soaked to the skin. Our clothes were dripping!

DD did an art course at the local gallery which she really enjoyed, I had a good time too as I waited for her in the cafe and sat knitting and drinking coffee in peace for a couple of hours each morning.

DS1 did another football course (he does them at just about every holiday), this one was for a full week 9:00 till 3:15 every morning and he was shattered by the end of the week. He had loads of fun as ever and made his Mama proud by getting a medal for his brilliant attitude, trying hard and helping out.

We also had a week away staying in Maltb-le-Marsh as the same farm we stayed on last year. This year we had the most gorgeous cottage for the week and as the site is so nice we spent quite a bit of time just chilling out and not doing much at all. We had long walks on the beaches and a couple of trips out. Again too many photos for here (in other words I couldn't decide which ones to post) so they are here if you want to look see.

Our other highlight of the holiday has to be of course the arrival of DH's teaching certificate. He is now officially a Newly Qualified Teacher. He has a year 2 class in one of the local towns and is doing really well.

I have of course done loads of knitting over the summer so I will hopefully be back soon with pics of the finished objects.

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Sarah said...

Welcome back to blogland! Love the pics... the seal sanctuary is lovely isnt it?!