Saturday, 17 October 2009

Summer Knitting

Well it seems that it is an age since I posted any finished objects. Mainly because when I've had the chance to sit I've tended to knit rather than make the effort to blog. Anyway here is an update of my summer knitting.
Finished Shawl
This is the shawl I made for DH's mentor. It's not a great picture I really should have made the effort to get one of it being worn.
Shawl Edge Detail
Shawl Detail
Here is a bit of detail though.
Soap Bags Finished
I made little soap in a bag gifts for the kids teachers.
Circle Socks
Circle Socks Detail
These are my circle socks, again in Fyberspates yarn.
Sparkle Socks
Sparkle socks made is Fyberspates sparkle yarn. These are boot socks so the sparkle will cheer me up on dull Febuary mornings when I'm off on the school run.
Infinity Bag Felted.
Still with Fyberspates yarn, I brought five balls at Woolfest to make the Infinity Bag and over the summer it finally got done. I'm really very pleased with it, it is huge and will hold my chunky blanket project nicely when I finally get it cast on.
Bumpy Bananas
Bumpy Bananas Detail 2
Back to Babylonglegs yarn here are my Bumpy Bananas. Boot socks again for the winter I am really pleased with them, in part cos I pretty much put the pattern together myself.
Baby Bananas 1
And I love the Blue Banana yarn so much that I did these baby socks in it for a striped KAL on one of the Rav groups I'm a member of.
Baktus Beads
And here is my Baktus, the yarn was dyed by Babylonglegs for my birthday and there is a matching skien for me to make a hat from so I will have a matching set in the winter, very smart.

I think that about covers it, there are a few other bits but they havn't been photo'd yet and as they are presents for someone I will keep them secret for a bit longer.


Crafty Cripple said...

I like your infinity bag, I didn't know you had made one. Very pretty colours.

Nic said...

What a lot of knitting!! I told you that you were more productive than me!! I love the inside out socks and the bakus. I thinK I might have to make me one.