Wednesday, 27 May 2009

In Miffy's Garden


We've been trying to get out into the garden for weeks now but either the weather, other commitments or DH's workload has stopped us till last weekend. The weather was gorgeous, bit too gorgeous really as my poor sunburned back still reminds me, and we got loads done.

Bean helped DH cut the lawn.
Just Like Daddy
We had a general tidy up. DH had to take a couple of trees out of the front garden. One was a willow which had self seeded there, sadly though it was too close to the house to stay there and by the time we realised just how big it would eventually get it was too late to move it so it had to be cut up to be taken out. It's left a fairly bit hole in that border so we will be tree shopping again soon. We got a small twisting willow for where we took the other tree out. This one will be OK near the house.

We also got "Betty" a rather nice magnolia for the back garden to fill another gap in the fence.
I've planted some sunflowers and sweet peas in the border by the garage and more sweet peas in a big pot on the patio. There are also drawf beans, cherry tomatoes and lettuce planted out and seeds for spring onions, beetroot, courgette, carrots and radishes so I'm getting quite a nice kitchen garden going. I'll go pick up some pots of herbs soon too, I've never had any luck growing them from seed.
Veg Pots All Planted
In the front DH cleared out the front bed and has planted more beetroot. We grew beetroot in this bed last year and it did really well. I was amazed though how many flowers and plants had self seeded in there since we harvested last autumn.
Front Bed - Just Planted


Well I'm pleased to report that Bean is pretty much on the mend now. We ended up back at A&E again for more ABs but this second set seem to have worked.

Aside from that it has been life as normal for the Miffy's. I went to visit Sarah and of course came home with yarn, at least this time I have plans for it already.
This is Goblin ready for a Yoda
Yarn For Yoda
And this is untitled and will be used for a Ribba
Yarn For Ribba

We also went to Burbage Common Open Day earlier this month. The weather was gorgeous and we got to have a good look round and met some of the other visitors.
Who's Looking At You
Alpaca's In The Sun
We also got to sample some rather gorgeous burgers and sausages from the farmers market.

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

The Important Stuff

You know sometimes it's easy to loose sight of whats important in life. We've had alot on lately and I have to confess that I was starting to get a bit swamped by it all. Well this morning Bean gave us a reminder of what is important.

We spent 4 hours this morning at A&E while my poor baby got poked and prodded and little sample bags taped to places no boy should have anything taped to. When we eventually got a sample it confirmed a water infection and we came away with instructions to keep him dosed with pain killer and some antibiotics.

At some points he was in so much pain that he couldn't bear to be touched which was pretty scary. I am so thankful that in the end it is something that can be easily treated and he is already feeling better.

Lesson learned, the state of the house and my growing "things to do" list really don't matter as long as we are all healthy.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Magic of Colour

Well as I didn't managed one last week I thought I should squeeze in a knitting catch up.

First up my first attempt at colour work. I am really very pleased with them and found them suprisingly easy to do. They are done in Babylonglegs yarn of course. The pattern comes from the Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn book which I got a while back. There are several other patterns I'm going to do from the book.
Spot Check Finished
Spot Check Detail 2

I've also done a quick pair of vanilla socks for DD. These were done in Regia Bamboo Colour
DD's Bamboo Socks Finished 1

There have been a couple of other things on the needles but as they are for presents I will not post pictures yet.

I'm trying to work through some of the stash I amounted next year so that I don't feel too guilty buying more at Rav Day and at Woolfest.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Well here we are again, weeks between posts. I suppose in a way it's a good thing as it shows that I do have some kind of life away from this keyboard but as that life mainly consists of more knitting I'm not sure it's any better. Anyway that aside I'll give you a quick run down of life with Miffy.

The rest of the Easter hols were fab and very busy. The kids had a fantastic Egg Hunt and for once we were able to do it outside!
Easter Hunt
Do you notice the wet hair. For some reason the Easter Bunny always calls when the kids are in the bath ;)
They got loads of eggs, DD's are all gone but Bean has a little bit left and DS1 still has almost a whole egg, you just can't guzzle dark chocolate in the way you can milk.

I managed two knitting groups in the second week of the hols which was fab. I was childfree for the first one and then took the kids to the second as they were able to head for the soft play for the afternoon. The rest of the week seemed to pass in a blur and then all too soon it was back to school and the usual routine.

Last weekend we took the kids to Burbage Common for a walk round and to see the bluebells. They were looking fab.
DD and Bluebells
DD had a wonderful time hunting out all the places where fairies hang out. Photos are courtesy of DH as I didn't take my camera.
Bluebell and Holly
Family Photo
I did take my camera yesterday though when we went to feed the ducks and of course there were more bluebells.
And ducklings
and ducks who Bean thought might make good friends
Come Back Ducks
and a giant dragonfly who makes a useful resting place.
Ready for Take Off
Dandelion Clock