Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Late Anniversary Present

DH and I celebrated 10 years of marriage last year and this spring we have been given a late anniversary present.

We honeymooned in a beautiful hotel in Wales and in the grounds was a small wood with loads of horse chestnut trees so DH and I collected fallen chestnuts and took a bag of them home.  The next spring some of them sprouted so we potted a couple up and now have a horse chestnut tree of our own.  I sometimes worry a bit about it as I've never been too sure about leaving it in its pot but it seems to do well although it's obviously smaller than it would be if we'd planted it in the earth and till this spring it had never flowered.

This year however we have a flower, I waiting now to see if we get chestnuts......
First Flower

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Nic said...

Aww lovely. My Gran has a horse chestnut tree in a container...well bucket that my uncle planted it in about 30 yrs ago! The bucket has split but the tree continues to grow, albeit a bit mad and bonsai looking ;)