Monday, 24 May 2010

Life is a complicated thing

Just when I think things are settling down and we might get some plain sailing for a while chaos suddenly descends on us.

The Gorgeous Girl spent five days in hospital at the end of last month which wasn't anywhere in my planning! She woke in the early hours with tummy ache which didn't get any better over the day and by lunch time I knew in my heart that something was wrong so we sorted out a doctors appointment and off we went. By 6.00 pm sitters for the boys were in place and we were off to hospital. GG went down to surgery at 12:45, only a bit scary as they normally stop all surgery, bar serious emergencies, at 12.00.

We got her back, minus her appendix, at about 2.30.

We then spent 5 days in hospital, as it was a "nasty" (seriously that was the technical term they used) appendix and was leaking yucky stuff into her, so she could have a course of IV antibiotics.

GG ready for her first lot of IV antibiotics.
Ready for meds.

Back on the ward just after the op.
GG Post Op

GG on the hospital roof.
GG on the hospital roof

It was a very sobering experience being in the children's wards. It's very unpleasant hearing the tiny babies and little children crying and knowing that there is little anyone can do to explain to them what is happening. I felt blessed that GG, at 9, is old enough to understand what was going on, why she couldn't eat or drink and what was about to happen to her.

DH and I took turns to stay with her at night so it was lovely to get her home so that we could all be together again.

She's recovering well and is back at school now but still has another week before she's officially allowed to gradually start back on physical activity.


Sasha said...

Get well soon GG - lots of R&R, books and CBBC.

Love Sasha and co.

Nic said...

Aww get well soon GG!!

Sarah said...

Oh my, how scary! Hope she is feeling better very soon.
Sarah xx