Saturday, 5 January 2008

DS1's Tri Peak Hat

When i was knitting his first hat a while back I was trying it on his head while it was still on the DPNs and DS1 declared that he would like a "triangle head". So I showed him Woollys Tri Peak Hat and asked if he liked it. Def winner there so he choosed some colours and the wonderful Babylonglegs dyed up some yarn for it.

Doesn't it look gorgeous. And it knitted up beautifully too, I had to frog it after I had done about 4 inches cos it was coming up too big and unlike other stuff I've used you really couldn't tell that the poor yarn had suffered that. However I forgot to ball it as I frogged it so I ended up with a rather unusual knitting assistant!

Anyway having finally got going in the right size this was a really quick easy knit and thanks to a loan of Lottie's crochet hooks it was finished in no time and looks fab on the boy. He loves it!




BabyLongLegs said...

So glad you liked the yarrrrn....and the hat turned out well :)
It looks FAB, Miffy :)
Awwh......give your DS a big squidge from me :)

Sarah xXx

SarahM said...

Looks fab miffy! You have come such a long way in your knitting in such a short time!

Sarah x