Friday, 20 February 2009

Catching Up Again!!!

I keep finding myself meaning to write a post and then not getting around to it so yet again we have a bit of a catch up post.

I realise that I haven't posted at all about the snow! So to put that right here are some pics.
Snow in the BirchView from the front door
It was a very snowy week to say the least. The kids had three days off school. DH was in school everyday but then had the Friday at home when the kids were back in school. I have to admit though that by the snow finally disappeared I was glad to see the back of it. It doesn't melt too fast on our street but just gets compacted and very slippery, not much fun for small children and pushchairs!

Other than dealing with the snow its been life as normal for the Miffy household so not much to tell at all.

I've had a lovely half term, Sarah's on Monday to meet up with all the girls which was fab. DH had all three kids at home so I had that rare thing of a child free day. Borders knitting group in the evening topped the day off perfectly.

Tuesday a friend and I took out kids out to a local country park to play, nice to get some fresh air and following all the cold and damp the weather was gorgeous.

Wednesday DS1 went to his first football session, he did two mornings this week and thoroughly enjoyed himself, learning lots of new stuff and getting very muddy. I meant to get a pic of him but didn't manage it.

In the afternoon I took Bean and DD to knitting group, the kids had a lovely time and I enjoyed being able to sit and chat and knit. I've not made it to this group before as the timing doesn't work well with Bean's normal nap time and school pick up but I will hopefully get to go again in the Easter hols.

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