Saturday, 7 February 2009

January Knitting

A bit late I know but I've somehow just not gotten round to it till now. However here we are - things I knit in January

First up are my toe ups, I am very pleased with them and will probably do more toe up socks maybe even with a pattern ;) Babylonglegs yarn in the Ragdoll colourway.
Finished Toe Ups 2
Next up is my Sideway Bobble Hat which is a Woolly Wormhead pattern and was great fun to knit. It's been done in some alpaca that Babylonglegs dyed for me and will shortly be heading off to the Mirasol School as part of a Rav organised donation. I'm thinking about doing another one for DS though as it really does suit him, different colours though.
Sideways Bobble Hat
Finally I have recieved a fantastic bag of yarn from someone on the UKarma rav group, it's Freedom Spirit which Civilknit had frogged from a failed jumper. Bless her she had wound it all into cakes for me, not only was there the one in this pic but also some even smaller ones which I had already knit up by the time I got round to photos. DH has been calling them Tribbles as they were getting everywhere at one point.
I'm making Satchel form and am quite enjoying it as it knits up fairly quickly. It's come on a fair bit from this photo
Good Karma Bag
I'm on the flap now and then it's just the pockets and the straps.

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Crafty Cripple said...

Thanks for the link to the Satchel pattern, I'd not seen this before and I am very tempted to do it in my freedom spirit too (different colourway so we won't match at Knitting Group).

Love the socks and hat too.