Saturday, 21 February 2009

Spring Has Arrived!

Spring Treat
I know that technically the Spring Equinox isn't until March but here in the Miffy Household spring can definitely be felt.

The weather has been pretty good all week but the last few days have been really, really good. We got out in the garden first thing this morning in the sunshine for a good tidy up. All last years dead stuff has been cleared out, the flower bed has been dug over, with help from the kids.
Bean in the garden
DS1 kept himself busy raking leaves together
DS1 raking leaves
and DH put the last bit of fencing in so we can now release the Bean without fear of him poking next doors dog with a stick or shoving too many of his toys through for said dog to eat.
DH fencing
I'm looking forward now to getting all the seeds out and looking at what we can start planting up ready for later in the year.


Nic said...

Hurray for spring! I am so fed up of winter now. Here's hoping its not back to school on Monday and more rain and grey.

Sarah said...

Just what we need after all that snow! Nice fence :)