Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Progress On My Year Of Projects.

Well after the chaos that is the last few weeks of summer term I am finally finding time for a WIP post which I am combining with a Year Of Projects Post too. If you want to see more work in progress then go visit Tami's Blog and, if you are on Rav, you can find more Year of Projects posts in the Come Blog Along group.

All the projects I am sharing today are part of my Year of Projects list.

First up is some secret knitting.  I have already changed the pattern from the one on my original list to Rachel's Cabled Hot Water Bottle Cover.  I have knit one of these before and I prefer the sewn up bottom to the flap on the other pattern I considered.  Given that I can only work on this when the boys are in bed it's going well.  Forgive the picture I took it quickly this morning and the colour is really bad.  In real life it's a much darker green.  The yarn is Babylonglegs Radiance and I'm loving the way it is knitting up.

 Next up is my vanilla socks which bring another pattern change.  I have two 50g balls of this Regia so I decided I wanted to make it go as far as possible which of course means toe up socks.  These are now Widdershins rather than my normal cuff down pattern.  Now I'm past the hedgehog needle start I'm enjoying them.  The plain socks make good TV knitting.  Hopefully they'll get a fair bit of attention now the holidays are underway.

Lastly is the ultimate in TV knitting.  I like to have a dishcloth on the needles for any car trips where I need to navigate for Mr Miffy.  My dishcloths are almost always plain garter stitch affairs with me relying on the colours of the yarn to make them fun rather than a more complex pattern.

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Sam Findlay said...

Grat wips! Live the yarn for the dishcloth! Fun!