Sunday, 15 June 2008

Do you like my ticker?

I don't have a ticker anywhere else these days but I just couldn't resist this one for Woolfest. Saves my brain from having to count how many days there are to go too.

Just need to finish my shopping list now and sort some stuff out to pack. I know there is a camping chair somewhere in that garage...................

............hmmmm. Wish me luck everyone ;)


BabyLongLegs said...

You won't need any luck!!!
Ooh...I's excited!!!

Sarah xXx

Nic said...

Lalalala See me with fingers in ears and hands over eyes. I'm not nervous and attempting to sew like mad.
Its going to be ace!

MiffyRabbit said...

sewing with your feet then ;) I am so impressed.

Just hope I am in time to buy from you and Gemma :)