Sunday, 15 June 2008

This week with Miffy

has been very nice really. No huge drama's or stresses for a change.

We went to Sarah's for the day which was fantastic, she is such a lovely host helped along by gorgeous food and of course even more gorgeous yarn. In fact I can't say enough how much I love this yarn. I keep getting it out for a squidge and a look. I am trying to get at least my Enchanted Socks finished before Woolfest so I'm having to be very good about not starting the new yarn yet.
My Yarn up close
This beautiful yarn is destined to become this

I'm doing the Sideways Hat KAL on Ravelry or at least the first month anyway. I somehow ended up signed up for SAM6 too which will be good for my sock yarn stash but might limit the amount of other stuff I can do. Though baby socks really don't take long at all to knit up ;)

On Thursday I had to skip tots due to the chicken pox'd Bean but the blisters have finaly stopped coming through and he is pretty much scabbed over so with any luck we'll be back next week.

On Friday a friend from tots came round for coffee which was a lovely. She brought her little girl along and she and Bean played really nicely.

Saturday was hair cut (bit of a new look there) and lunch in town with DD. I really love my hair cut and coffee in town with DD days. Spent way too much money though as ever.


lottie said...

oh oh oh post piccies of your new haircut sweetie!!!

hugs to everyone

love lottie

BabyLongLegs said...

Yes...i want to know about this there new haircut too!!!
So glad you like your yarn :)

Sarah xXx

Helen said...

I came across your blog today when I was looking for Miffy things and I really like the YouTube film, so I've posted it too - with an acknowledgement to you :)

MiffyRabbit said...

Hello Helen
Hope I didn't bore you too much. I found the YouTube film on the Ravelry website and "borrowed" the link from there. It is a cool film though isn't it :)

good luck with the Miffy hunt!