Monday, 23 June 2008

Enchanting Socks

Well my June pair are finished and ready to take to Woolfest with me at the weekend and here they are
Enchanting Socks 5

I am really pleased with them. The pattern is Charade by Sandra Park and I've really enjoyed knitting them. Only my second pair in a pattern.

The yard is Enchanted dyed by Mamalonglegs (Babylonglegs on Rav), it has been beautiful to work with and I love the ways the colours have worked out.

I also have to admit how proud I am of myself for managing 1 pair of socks a month for 6 months. I have also had great fun doing it. I somehow though still have loads of sock yarn to work through and I suspect that there will be even more by this time next week ;)

I am so looking forward to Woolfest. But suddenly it is 4 days till we leave and I have nothing packed and loads of stuff still get done round home. Plus it is DS1's playgroup trip tomorrow so I will loose a whole day to that. Time to get organised I think. I shall start with a proper shopping list this afternoon and then some clothes packing on Wednesday.

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SarahM said...

Socks look great Miffy, and I love the colour of that yarn!!
Have a great time at woolfest :)

Sarah x