Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches - What Me??????? - 2KCBWDAY3

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If you ask poor Mr Miffy he will tell you that the one thing I am not is tidy. Not by any means.  Over our years together I have learned to be a little tidier and Mr Miffy is learning (this is a work in progress) to be more tolerant of mess. This untidiness of mine of course extends into my knitting too.  When I buy new yarn it will sit by my end of the sofa for a week or two untill I finaly get around to putting it somewhere that is not the middle of the front room floor.

Anyway as challenged by Eskimimi's Blog Challenge to photograph my storge here we go on a quick guided tour.

First up (top left) is my shelf on my side table.  This is supposed to be where my current projects live.  In fact you have caught it on a good day as I tided it out last week.  Normally it's full of bits of paper with patterns on and the bags from old projects as well as my needle case and DPN roll. 
Next (top right) is my downstairs cupboard.  Officially this houses WIP's that are hibernating and my needles, stitch markers etc.  It also contains my left over sock yarn and a small loom that Mr Miffy brought me once.
Bottom right is the bottom of my wardrobe where yarn destined to be knit up "later" is shoved.
The last two pics (bottom middle and left) are from the loft where in theory the yarn for which I don't have a project in mind is kept.  In practice though this doesn't work as I have no plans yet for the orangey yarn in the wardrobe but at least 3 of the yarns in the loft have projects allocated to them already.

Will I get anymore organised?  Being a realist I have to say no. I envy people who have all their stash carefully housed in boxes/shelves etc, all photographed and documented on Rav but I know in my heart I'll never get there.  And why worry?  My system of sorts works for me.  I can mostly find what I need when I need it (though I am always short of size 4 tips) without too much trouble and my yarn is safe and dry so really I'm not stressing.  Well not about that anyway.


Ginny said...


Loved looking at your pictures - looks good to me.

I have just realized how I like to be organized,but my Rav stuff is not, I just dont seem to be organized on Ravelry...It just occured to me while reading through your lovely blog!

Pirate said...

If you know your system works for you, there's no need to stress about it! :)

CraftyCripple said...

You have much more important stuff to worry about. I sadly do not!

Miffy said...

Ginny - Glad you liked the pics :)

Pirate - the only reason I can find knitting stuff is cos Mr Miffy refuses to have it all over the house and so there are only a few places it can be.

CraftyCripple - if it's any comfort I am no more organised about the important stuff. Hopefully very soon you will be in a position to do more than just sit at home fondling your yarn. :)

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Yeah the side of my bed looks like that! It's where I keep the current projects..