Tuesday, 19 April 2011

More Pondering.

Well Friday afternoon brought us to the end of the spring term.  Hurrah, two weeks off!

We decided to get stuck in with our "garden pond" project as the weather has been gorgeous so Saturday saw us off to the garden centre to get some cobbles to go over the bricks.

Before putting the cobbles in however we got all the bricks back out so that we could create some bigger spaces at the bottom of the pond for our wildlife (I'm sure something will move in) to live in. 

We've made a nice space at the bottom and then made sure that there are several access points for the creatures.

Next we arranged the cobbles and pebbles on top and then we decided that we needed some more.  I'm sure you would agree with us there.

So Sunday morning we were back to the garden centre for more cobbles and for some pond plants.  We've filled the pond with the contents of the rain barrell so we weren't too worried about letting the water stand for a while before planting.  Fingers crossed the plants won't be worried either.

They look pretty happy so far.  They are all plants for shallow ponds and I'm hoping they'll spread a bit and if they get as tall as their labels suggest they can they make quite an impression.

I also got some gone over bulbs at a bargain price so they have gone in the heap too and while they won't last long this year hopefully they will come up next year and we'll have lots of bright yellows to welcome in the Spring.

Do you like the beginings of our of wicker thing?  We were gifted the willow last summer and it's sat about waiting for us to work out what to do with it.  Mr Miffy had a moment of insperation and got creative.  Most of our willow is too dry to weave in now but we shall be able to get more in a couple of months so we'll weave some more in then and the pond corner will get a bit more shade then.

Now we just need to sit back and let the pond do it's thing. 

Still there's plenty more to do in the garden over the next few weeks, the baskets need to be done and what veggies we do will need buying and planting up too.

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Anonymous said...

I love gardens. My mom does a veggie garden every summer. I love helping to plant it. My fave thing to plant are the onions, weird huh? But oh well. I'm sure your garden is going to be amazing