Monday, 11 April 2011

Pondering the Weekend Away.

We've been having some glorious weather of late and for once it didn't end for the weekend so Mr Miffy and I decided to make a start on our summer project for our garden.  We've been planning a pond of some sort for a number of years but small children and water do not make a great combination so it's been a future plan until now.

We had to replace the kids plastic sandpit last summer due to the top being cracked however in one of our better hoarding moments we hung on to the bottom half.  Turns out such things make perfect ponds, at least for us they do.
Garden 04 April
We found the perfect place down behind the garage where the veg plot used to be and where we've let nature somewhat take it's course.  There is a big mound there where we left the contents of the compost bins when we stopped using them. 
Garden 05 April
The earth from where the pond has gone in has been used to bulk this mound up a bit more.  We also took the opportunity to increase the size of the kids flower bed
Garden 06 April                Garden 03 April
so the grass from there has been used to cover some of the fresh earth on the mound.
Garden 01 April
As you can see we've filled the pond itself with bricks and stones which will firstly make the pond safer to the kids to be around.  Although we believe they are old enough to be trusted not to paddle in the pond and not to play too near it we felt we didn't want to have an open pond and filling it would be a better option than netting it.  I think a need to jiggle the bricks and stones around a bit to create some gaps under water whilst keeping the top layer. 
Garden 02 April
We are planning to leave the pond to fill up with rainwater and then we'll put in some pond plants and hopefully next year some frog spawn so we can have our "own" frogs as well as the visitors we get in the summer.

Anyone else got any big, or small garden projects this year?


Anonymous said...

Aw that sounds amazing, I hope you will put pictures up when it is done XD

Miffy said...

I certainly shall be back with more pictures as the summer goes on. I'm very much looking forward to seeing how it works out too.