Saturday, 2 February 2008

Urrgh! The Monster is here.


I am not happy. It's that time when the PMT Monster comes to visit and this month is shaping up to be a goodun. I have a somewhat unhealthy dose of paranoia to go with it so I am a little shakey all round at the moment and am very tempted to be a bit of a homebird this weekend even though I know I probably ought to make the effort to go out.

Added to the Monster attack I have a full on horrid cold. I am all bunged up and feel generaly terrible at the moment. I don't even want to feed up on junk food which is really unusual for ill me. I even had one night this week when I couldn't be bothered to knit!

Speaking of knitting my next pair of socks has been cast on (well the first one anyway) using my new Harmony DPNs. I love them they are gorgeous. My sock is so much tighter than the last ones which were knitted on the aluminiums, and I am much happier with it. The yarn is the purple/green/blue Opal Neon. I've only done a few rounds but I love the colours already. Pics will follow I promise.

What will also follow is a proper post about our holiday but I still need to get the photo's off DH's phone and onto the PC.

And finally wish us all luck please. DH has both his GTP interviews this week, one Monday and the other on Thursday. These will set the course of the next couple of years at least and possibly the rest of DH's working life and so by default a big chunk of all our lives. He is going to be very nervous this weekend I expect and probably not all that easy to live with (had a taste of that earlier in the week) and I will need every bit of patience I can dredge up. Curse that Monster there doesn't seem to be much patience so far and poor DH hasn't got out of bed yet (he gets the lie in on a Saturday) and I'm already tense. LOL Still hopefully we can avoid any major decisions and if I make the effort to leave the house a couple of times (which I really need to) we can get through this.

Oh I do hope he gets a place. He would be so good at this teaching thing we just need the chance to get him started.

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