Saturday, 9 February 2008

Stuff I've Been Doing

(I know not a very inspired title!)

Well the moster is on its way back out and I am a little more rational now. I did do the homebird thing for a couple of days and had a nice time knitting, surfing internet shops and chatting to Babylonglegs (or should I say Mamalonglegs ) who was wonderful company as always and a great enabler ;)

I did a little retail therapy in the week and now have some purple baby alpa for DS1's bed socks, Photobucket
lots of new stitch markers Photobucket Photobucket which came from Cazza (I hope she'll forgive me using her pics but I forgot to photo them earlier) who was very friendly and helpful and posted them out the same afternoon I ordered them as well as changing the rings for smaller ones for me.
I also brought some Trekking off Ebay for a bargin price.Photobucket

DH had both his interviews this week. Mondays (at Birmingham) went really well, they gave him his score while he was there, and Thursdays (Northampton) was one of those that you just can't tell -apparantly. Anyway now we are back to the waiting game to see if either college gives him a place. Keep your fingers crossed for us please.

The sock is coming along nicely.
Feb Socks In Progress
Working from translated German is occasionaly interesting but the heel is done now and I am working on the gusset. If I'm really lucky I might get a good chunk of it done over the weekend and I'll be able to start the second one next week.

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BabyLongLegs said...

Lovely yummy pics, Miffy :)
I like enabling.....lets do it again soon :)

You've had your day made, btw....see my blog!!!

Sarah xXx