Wednesday, 12 March 2008

And on the knitting front....

... My March socks are finished already!!! I am very pleased with myself I have to admit. They are a little loose on DS1 so I need to put a little bit of elastic in the cuffs so they so that they stay on at night.

Next up on the knitting front is some more face cloths, hopefully 3 this month but I want to get at least 2 done.

And when all the illness abates and I manage to catch up with Sarah I will get the yarn to start my felted bag project which I am really looking forward to. Once it is started it will be a nice portable project.

No photos yet as I have a new phone and haven't worked out yet how to tranfer them from the phone to the pc. Though it does have a send to blog function so I might experiment with that at some point.

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