Monday, 10 March 2008

My Precious Fairy

Last Friday was World Book Day and DD's school dressed up for the event. All the teachers wore crocodile hats as there was a traveling theatre company coming in to performe "The Selfish Crocodile" and the kids could go in dressed as a character from a book.

The dressing up came with rather short notice and as DD never wears her dressing up outfits we had given them all, apart from a pair of wings, to the the nursery where DH works at half term. I was saved however by my little sis who had passed on a beautiful party dress which her DD has just outgrown. I got some bands for DD's hair with flowers on and a necklace and braclets and covered the wings in glitter and behold..................

"Heather the Violet Fairy"
DD as Heather the Violet Fairy

I have to admit to being rather proud of the finished outfit. I am not the most creative of people so this is pretty impressive for me particularly the bit where I didn't just go out and buy the latest disney character outfit!

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SarahM said...

she looks a picture !!

Well done mummymiffy :)