Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Sleeping Through!

Well sometimes anyway. ;)

Well I guess that the big news in the Miffy household is that we moved Bean into his cot in what is now the boys room. Dh and I decorated the room over half term and moved the cot and of course Bean in with DS1. At first Bean was waking two or three times each night plus waking for his normal 11:00 feed and either DH or I would settle him back down. However he is waking alot less now, sometimes around 12:00 for a feed and then through until almost 6:00 for his morning feed. On Saturday night and Monday night he slept right through from bedtime (7.00) till the morning feed.

I have to be honest I am not sure how I feel about it at the moment, I'm a little suprised as to how well he has transfered from our bed and bedside cot arrangement to just being in his cot and to find that he is now sleeping through as well. Saying that though he has a cold at the moment and was up last night from about 2:20 so maybe our night feeds aren't over yet.

Other news in the Miffy household. It was Mothers Day on Sunday and though I didn't get any kind of a lie in at all I did get tea and toast in bed and a couple of nice presents from the kids. DS1 didn't prove to be too good at keeping secrets though so I already knew what one of them was going to be, that one was the Life In Cold Blood DVD. I also got a book from my Amazon wish list.

I have ordered some fab yarn from Babylonglegs for a felted bag project (TV knitting) and needles and some other bits from Get Knitted so I am currently stalking the postie. I should have collected the yarn on Tuesday and I was really looking forward to a day at Sarah's but sadly DS1 has had conjuctivis and so we have had to put our visit off till next week. With any luck the needles will be here by then and I can get started straight off. I am really looking forward to it, I'll reveal more about the project later with pics!

DS1's bed socks are well underway, the first one is completely finished and the second one is about half way down the cuff. With any luck I might even get to the heel today if I get a bit of peace and quiet.

DH's GTP course stuff has gotten a bit complicated at the moment but it should settle down over the next week or so once he and I and the school make various decisions about the options currently open to us. Hopefully I will have more news on this then.


SarahM said...

Hope Fin is feeling better!

Isnt it strange when LO's go in there own room?! We moved Dan a while ago, he loves being in the boys room now, and I must admit it is nice having my room back!

Sarah M xx

BabyLongLegs said...

Awwh...big changes in the Rabbit house then! I hope it works out okay, Miffy..... :)
Hope Fin is better....and I am also feeling better and looking to cook up a storm 'o Tuesday!!

Your Yarrrn is ready and waiting.... mwahahaha


Sarah xXx