Saturday, 1 March 2008

February Socks

I've just realised that I haven't yet Blogged my February socks here. I Blogged them on the SAM5 Blog a while back but just hadn't got around to putting them on here. And so I present to you "My February Socks"
February Socks 2

I am really pleased with them and I loved knitting them. I used my Harmonies and I am so pleased with them. Whispers - I have ordered some Harmony Circulars I have enjoyed them that much! Just wish they did straights. ;)

The March socks have been cast on and I am making good progress with them. The first is finished already!!! You've got the love the speed at which childrens socks knit up. DS1 is very pleased with it and is really looking forward to his new bed socks. I am going to have plenty of yarn left (I ordered two balls) so I may knit him a second pair just plain knit at some point.

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