Thursday, 22 May 2008

What is it about Wednesdays?

Do they not like me or something?

Having spent most of last Wednesday afternoon in A&E with DS1 I got to go again yesterday, this time for me.

It goes like this................

After not being able to take the boys to Grandma's last week cos of DS1's foot I planned to take them yesterday. So there we all were waiting at the traffic lights just before Blaby when there was a loud bang and we are all rattling around in the car! Although I was waiting for the car in front of me to pull of the lady behind me didn't wait for me.

We have been very lucky, aside from some rather uncomfortable whiplash for me (hence my visit to A&E) no one was injured. I had my handbreak on still and the car behind had been queued so she wasn't doing any speed. I must thank the little old lady who'd been struggling with her handbreak at everyset of lights for my good fortune. If she had been pulling off as soon as the lights changed I would not have still had my handbreak on. As it was I knew she would be slow so I wasn't rushing either.

We did the details exchange bit and then I went onto my mums to make the relevant calls and have a much needed mug of tea. Mum had a lovely "present" waiting for me too so that cheered me up.

And now I am just working through all the phone calls to get everything sorted out with repairs, replacement cars and car seats etc, oh how I hate choosing car seats for the kids.

So far though the insurance people (Tesco) have been brilliant. Everything is clearly explained and they have been really patient with me on the phone and I have never once (4 calls now as I keep thinking of other things to ask) felt rushed or that the agent had no idea what they should be telling me. The claim went through at 6:30 last night and at 8:00 am this morning the car people were on the phone to sort out the replacement car. Just need to ring them back. The repair people also left a message while I was out so I can get the car booked in with them this afternoon with any luck. Plus I am assured they will collect and return the car so that saves a trip into Leicester.

So I have an afternoon of phone calls ahead of me but hopefully nothing to stressfull and I need to do my weekly shop online which will please DS1 as he had asked me to do an online shop last week, he loves it when the Tesco man comes ;)

To be fair to Wednesdays though I did have a lovely morning, I went with a couple of friends to the local cannel for a walk and a visit to the tea shop. It was beautifully sunny and we had a fab time, maybe its just the afternoons that don't like me ;)

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SarahM said...

Oh no! what a scare - hope you (and ds1)are feeling better soon,
SArah x