Saturday, 24 May 2008

Well so far so good

Bussy (our car) was collected yesterday morning and has gone off to be assessed and then repaired. The woman at the garage did try to suggest that I took the car in but I pointed out that the insurance had said that they would collect and deliver. She disappeared for a moment and then came back and said fine when were we in ;)

Enterprise have been brilliant, they chased up the insurance to confirm our "like for like" car so we could have something of a decent size and then picked DH up yesterday evening so he could go fetch the replacement car. I could have gone earlier but opted not to with both the boys at home and a neck that still doesn't turn quite right.

So now we have one of these sitting on the drive - an automatic too!!! It is huge, absolutly enormous. Its going to be like driving a small house. Nice though. It is an 08 plate and an executive model - probably the poshest car I will ever drive, assuming I never win the lottery. It has all the mod cons as well, sat nav, dvd player, parking sensors.

Thankfully come Tuesday morning they will probably get some nice ordinary Zafira's back from hire so I can change to something more managable. Amazing as the Voyager is I can't see how I am going to be able to park it anywhere we go, though the sliding back doors will help. ;)

My neck is still sore, not helped by having to collect DD from school early cos of her "poorly tummy" Bless Her, I wasn't best pleased by her timing as I'd just got myself a mug of coffee having putting Bean down for a sleep. Still it was lovely to see her and DS1 playing the Bill and Ben game on the computer.

And speaking of DS1..........He has chicken pox - finaly. It doesn't seem to be a bad case and with any luck he'll be all scabbed over before he needs to go back to playgroup after half term. Just waiting for Bean to get it now.


lottie said...

we will be round later for georgie to have cuddles with the spotty man lol

BabyLongLegs said...

Awwh....poor Fin!!! Well, at least he's got it now, finally :)

I've tagged you in a meme btw.....look at my blog for more details.

Big Hugs

Sarah xXx

Anne said...

Sounds like things have been trying for you lately os it's glad to hear there's a bit of good news too!

I do hope your little one is doing well though :( I never had chicken pox that i remember!

SarahM said...

nice car!
Hope Fin is ship shape in no time:)

SArah x