Friday, 30 May 2008

Welcome home Busie

Well busie (the car) arrived home yesterday afternoon looking unusually shiny and smelling of fresh car paint. I am so impressed with the speed of her return, she's be gone for less then a week. She was named and given her gender by DS1 in case you were wondering. Busie is off out again this morning for her MOT, wish us luck!
DH took the hire car (named Silver) back late afternoon causing much sadness to DS1 and DD who were both very upset to see it go. I was quite pleased to say goodbye though. It was too big for me, the seats are not an ideal layout for longer journeys as we wouldn't be able to fold the back ones down and use the packing space. And the electric sliding doors take too long to close. I am discovering just how impatient I really am. Maybe this is why I tend to only knit small easy projects. Instant gratification. ;)
So far the whole car insurance thing has been very easy and efficient which has been a relief. Just waiting now for a letter from the solicitors for the personal injury stuff. Not got back to work yet because of the pain. I did one night but by the end I was in agony so I am taking the rest of this week off and the first two days of next week and hopefully I'll be more comfortable by then. Even 5 minutes on the phone leaves me with spasms at the moment.
DD had a friend round for the day yesterday which was lovely she came mid morning and we took her home after 5:30! They had a fab time. On the way home we called into Halfords and chose replacement car seats, my aren't they expensive! Still not something I scrimp on and it was nice to be able to choose the safest looking seat (I did my Which research too) without worrying about how I was going to fund it.
So the whole incident is drawing to a close by the looks of it. I think the personal injury stuff will drag on for a while yet - as far as I can tell they don't decide how much they are giving you until you are better and that could be a few months yet.

On the Chicken Pox front DS1 seems to have been very lucky and has gotten away with a fairly mild dose. He's all scabbed over and doesn't seem to even be itchy (mind he is in a foul temper with it all so I know he's not 100%) so he'll be back at playgroup on Monday. Bean has a streaming nose at the moment and is generally a bit punk looking so I suspect he'll be next. Still at least then it will be out of the way and fingers crossed I won't have to deal with it again.

On the knitting front I have been doing some but holidays are never a great time for me to get alot done. DH needs far too much attention (LOL) and so I tend to find myself helping him or for this week at least just following him about giving moral support. Still he's away with the school on Monday and Tuesday so I'll have two evenings of uninterrupted knitting and my own choice of TV. I'm kind of looking forward to it :)

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