Saturday, 17 May 2008


Well this hasn't been the best of weeks I have to say.

I've had a horrid cold which has had me floored by half six every night which isn't a great thing when that leaves at least an hour and half of work to go so I've been pretty miserable to say the least. Plus work isn't that much fun at the moment either, roll on the end of term is all I can say!

Added to this Bean has decided that waking up for a feed every two hours is now the done thing. I am so tired. We have planned to night wean him at half term already so only a week till we try that. The plan there being that I can then leave him at home with Daddy and DD and DS1 while I escape to Woolfest. And how excited am I about that! VERY, I am so looking forward to a couple of days away and all that wool. I'm already planing what to buy and what to pack etc.

And of course this was the week that DS1 decided to introduce himself to A&E. He somehow "bent" his foot and was in complete agony. Poor thing, when he realised it mean't he couldn't go to Grandma's he tried to tell me it was all better but he could barely walk on it so off we went to A&E. He wasn't keen on the experience to say the least but the x-rays came back clear and after a couple of days rest he seems to be fine again. Unforunatly we left his puppy dog at A&E and so far no one has handed it in. Rather anoying to be honest as its obviously a well loved creature. Still DS1 has been very brave about it all and I will be much more careful in future.

On a better note DS1's apt for the Dietitian has come through. It's well organised so far in that they wrote and asked me to call and make an apt to suit me so we have one booked for half term which means that DH can have DD and Bean and I will be able to concentrate fully on DS1.

It's going to be a busy half term as we have alot of work to get done in the garden, we have a skip booked for all the junk and I would like to fit in a family day out and a meet up with friends or two depending on what other people are doing.

On the knitting front I am at the heel of my Enchanted sock and am loving the way it is knitting up. I even managed the pattern (so far) without messing it up.

I'm about the graft the toe of my roll top socks though I think these will take a bit of a back seat while I finish the Enchanted socks.

And I'm also being good and getting some more of my face cloths finished. I did a simple moss stitch cloth during the week and am part way a second which I think just leaves me one to go which I may try to get finished during May so then they are all done and I will just need to get the soaps for them. It will be nice not to be rushing to finish at the last minute.


Anne said...

Holy moly it sounds like you've been busy! Finding the time to knit in there is amazing in and of itself!

BabyLongLegs said...

Can't wait to see your Enchanted socks!!!!
Big Farkin Hugs....

Sarah xXx